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Walter Hays Way

We pledge to create a supportive, respectful, and kind community.

Our Core Values 

We, the students, staff and families of the Walter Hays community, strive to live these values every day. We recognize that with consistent effort and practice, along with our best intentions, we support a safe and positive environment for all to learn and grow.


We honor others by treating them with kindness, courtesy and fairness.


We put forward our best effort and work, especially when we are challenged.


We agreeably work together to solve problems, and we unite to create a supportive environment for everyone.


We accept and support others and acknowledge their feelings.


We include others in activities and games with a welcoming spirit.


We make positive and responsible choices that come from within ourselves.


We are accountable for our behavior, we honor our promises, and we care for our earth.


We are leaders and speak up, even when it is unpopular.


We remember that there are always other opportunities, and we hold a hopeful spirit.