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Student Commitments

Parents: At Walter Hays, we are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community. We also work to ensure the safety and security of our students. The Walter Hays staff would like students to understand and be responsible for the following commitments. As appropriate, please discuss these with your children:


Commitments to the School

  • Keep your dogs off campus before, during and after school.
  • Know the out-of-bounds areas. Do not go there (except when it is required, or by special permission from your teacher). 
    • Parking lot
    • Bicycle rack area
    • Behind the Multipurpose Room and portables
    • Rinconada Park
    • Middlefield side of the buildings
    • Classrooms during recess and lunch 
    • Lunch tables once lunch is over
  • Eat snacks in the lunch area - not on the playground.
  • Be safe. Don't do anything that will endanger you or others.
  • Never leave the school grounds during school without special clearance from the office.
  • Practice your character education traits:
    • Self Discipline-Self Control
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Fairness
    • Empathy
    • Caring
    • Respect
    • Responsibility
  • Remember that this school (buildings, desks, books, equipment, play areas) belongs to the people of Palo Alto. It is your privilege to use school property. You are responsible to help care for it.
  • Do not wait for friends or play on the school grounds after school without parent supervision. Students should go home at dismissal.


Playground Commitments

  • Be safe in all games. Tackle games (including football) are not allowed. No karate or boxing.
  • Running is allowed on the grass and on the blacktop, not around the play structures.
  • Carrying others around (including piggy backs) is not allowed.
  • Jump ropes are for jumping only.
  • Toys, balls, and trading cards must be left at home unless special arrangements are made with the teacher or principal.
  • Play only within the playground area, marked by blue lines. Students are not allowed behind the portables or behind the earthquake bin. Always stay a "hula hoop" distance from all fences.
  • Playing in the bathrooms is not allowed.
  • Only kindergartners may play in the kindergarten play yard during morning and lunch recess.
  • Be inclusive. Do not exclude others by playing lock-out games.
  • Don't save places for friends (especially in handball and kickball).
  • Take good care of the play equipment you are privileged to use.
  • Return immediately to class when recess is over.
  • Remember the Walter Hays Solution for Conflict Resolution:
    • Cool Off - Take time to cool off
    • Talk - Share how you felt
    • Listen - Learn how the other child felt
    • Brainstorm - Think of ways to solve the problem
    • Agree - Choose an idea you both like best

Solve as many problems as you can among yourselves using conflict resolution strategies. Seek help from an adult when you cannot solve the problem.


Lunchtime Commitments

  • Walk to the lunch line and to the tables.
  • Clean up your lunch place. Throw away your trash, recycle or compost.
  • Be seated during lunch. Walk to playground when you're dismissed.
  • Take your turn cleaning tables.
  • Do not share your food with others.
  • Do what you can to cut down on food waste.