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Health Services

Student Health Services

Health services are provided in Palo Alto to protect the health and safety of pupils and to identify health problems that may inhibit a child's activities and ability to learn. If a pupil is to be exempted from these services, his or her parent must file an exemption card annually. School personnel are required by State Law to notify parents when pupils are suspected of having health problems.

Student Emergency Card: This form instructs school personnel as to emergency action and identifies the health needs of your child. The physical condition of your child has a direct effect upon his or her ability to learn, upon achievements in school, and upon social adjustment. Early identification and treatment of a child's health problems enable him or her to function at the highest level of ability. Please make the school office aware of any changes on your child's emergency form during the school year.

Hearing and Vision Testing: Hearing and vision testing is given to students in grades K, 2 and 5. A color vision test is given to boys in grade 1 and in grade 5 for those boys not previously tested. Parents should understand that the testing program is a screening process only and does not rule out the possible existence of certain vision problems best diagnosed by a physician.

Immunizations: Immunizations against poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus, measles, rubella, mumps and whooping cough are mandatory for school enrollment in any grade. New students transferring into PAUSD and all first graders are required to have a full physical examination and return a completed School Health Report. Immunization information may be obtained from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department (450) 299-6850. A California School Immunization Record becomes a part of the student's permanent record.

First Aid and Illness

First Aid:  School personnel are not permitted to render more than immediate first aid. Except in extreme emergencies, parents are contacted before a physician is called. Parents are advised that there is no school nurse on duty at Walter Hays. In case of sudden illness at school, a child will be kept at the school office only until he can be released to the care of a parent or other adult designated on the student's Emergency Card. It is urgent that this card be completed, returned to school on the first day of school, or before school starts if possible, and kept current for the school's use in case of sudden illness or injury to the child. Please make the school office aware of any changes on your child's emergency form during the school year.

Contagious Illnesses:  Please keep your child home during the first few days of a cold or similar illness to avoid spreading it. If you discover that your child has a contagious illness or condition (like chicken pox, pink eye, head lice, giardia, pinworms, strep throat), notify the school office so that his or her teacher, and parents of classmates may be informed. Your child must be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school.

Medications:  If a child is recovering from an illness and is taking medication at school, that medication (including aspirin) must be kept in the office. School personnel are not allowed by state law to dispense medications, except under direct written orders from the physician. This also applies to medication for asthma, bee stings, etc. which may be needed only in case of emergency. For long-term medication to be dispensed at school, a specific form is available in the office and must be filled out and signed by both parent and doctor.