The Elephant Tree, Penny Dale OL F Dal

Two children are shown with both anthropomorphic stuffed toy animals and real animals as they search for an elephant tree, eventually constructing a bizarre tree of their own. Horn Book. (Ages: Preschool). (Not reviewed).

Frank and Ernest, Alexandra Day OL E Day / PACL PB Day

An elephant and a bear take over a diner and find out about responsibility and food language. IPac. (Ages: Preschool).

The Gorilla Did It, Barbara Hazen OL E Haz / PACL PB Hazen

A gorilla not only wakes a little boy up, but it messes up his room and makes his mother angry. IPac. (Ages: Preschool).

Henny Penny, Paul Galdone WH NF 398.24 Hen / PACL PB Galdone

Convinced the sky is falling, Henny Penny and a band of gullible friends march off to tell the king, only to meet their end at the hands of a wily fox. Book Description. (Ages: Preschool).

Jeremy Isn't Hungry, Barbara Williams WH E Wil / PAMP PB Williams

A youngster's attempts to amuse and feed his baby brother almost end in disaster. IPac. (Ages: Preschool).

Just Me and My Puppy, Mercer Mayer

Mercer Mayer's famous Little Critter character has brought home a puppy. His parents will let him keep it if he takes care of the puppy himself. Little Critter agrees. He feels he is doing a good job, but the funny illustrations make it clear that the puppy is a lot of work -- and even a lot of trouble. Book Description. (Ages: Preschool). (Not reviewed).

The Little Red Hen, Byron Barton PACL Juv 398 L778rhb

The Little Red Hen, Janina Domanska

The Little Red Hen, Paul Galdone OL 398.24 Lit / PACL Juv 398 L778rhb

Unaided by her three lazy animal companions, an industrious hen tends to all the chores on their New England farm. Ingram. (Ages: Preschool).

Swimmy, Leo Lionni WH E Lio / PACL PB Lionni

Swimmy, the little black fish and lone survivor in a school of red ones, devises an ingenious scheme for protecting a new school of fish friends. Horn Book. (Ages: Preschool). (Caldecott Honor Book 1964).

Zinnia and Dot, Lisa Campbell Ernst OL E Cam / PACL PB Ernst

Cooperation is the focus when two feuding hens lose all but one of their eggs to a weasel while squabbling, and the fun really begins when they begin to argue about whose egg it is, and what to do with it. Ingram (Ages: Preschool).

Ages 4-8

Aesop's Fable: The Tortoise and the Hare, Mark Schlichting OL 398.24 Aes / PACL CDROM 398 T712mp

The hare once boasted of his speed before the other animals and challenged everyone to a race. The tortoise answered the challenge and the race took a turn that surprised the boastful hare. Ipac. (Ages 4-8).

Air Mail to the Moon, Tom Birdseye WH E Bir / PACL PB Birdseye

When the tooth that she was saving for the tooth fairy disappears, Ora Mae sets out to find the thief and send him "airmail to the moon!" iPac. (Ages 4-8).

Amelia Bedelia Helps Out, Peggy Parish WH E Par / PACL Fiction Reader Parish

America's favorite literal-minded housekeeper, Amelia Bedelia, and her niece, Effie Lou, become embroiled in a series of zany mishaps with hilarious results, including weeding the garden and dusting for bugs. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). Reader.

Amos and Boris, William Steig WH E Ste / PACL PB Steig

A simple, matter-of-fact story about the friendship between a mouse and a whale. School Library Journal. (Ages 4-8).

Annie and the Old One, Miska Miles WH F Mil / PACL PB Miles

When Annie's Navajo grandmother says that when Annie's mother's rug is completely woven that the grandmother will die, Annie tries to hold back time by unweaving the rug in secret. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Newbery Honor Book 1972). (Parent Comment: “more about the inevitability of death than about the importance of completing work”).

Annie Shows Off: Responsibility, Shelagh Canning

When Annie races Zack on her new bike instead of delivering pies for her mother, the result is disastrous, but the story of Daedalus and Icarus helps her understand the consequences of reckless behavior. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

Another Mouse to Feed, Robert Krauss WH E Kra

When Mr. and Mrs. Mouse become exhausted from overwork, caring for their many children, the little mice decide to take over. IPac. (Ages 4-8).

Apple Picking Time, Michele Slawson OL E Sla / PACL PB Slawson

Each year, the residents of a small town all leave their usual chores to help get the orchard crop in. From youngsters of narrator Anna's age to grandparents, everyone does his or her best, and though the work itself is hard, the idea of community and pitching-in clearly transcends the rigor. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

Arthur's Computer Disaster, Marc Brown WH E Bro / PACL PB Brown

Arthur wants to play Deep, Dark Sea on the computer every chance he gets, but disobedience leads to disaster when his mother leaves for work and Arthur and his friend accidentally make the computer screen go blank. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Arthur's Pet Business, Marc Brown WH E Bro / PACL PB Brown

When Arthur creates his own pet-sitting business in order to prove that he is responsible enough to have a pet of his own, he ends up with a boa in the living room and frogs in the bathtub. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Arthur's Thanksgiving, Marc Brown WH E Bro / PACL PB Brown

Arthur finds his role as director of the Thanksgiving play a difficult one, especially since no one will agree to play the turkey. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Babushka Baba Yaga, Patricia Polacco WH E Pol

Polacco's Baba Yaga is not the wicked witch the villagers believe her to be but is, instead, a kind creature who wishes to become some child's beloved babushka. When she saves a young boy from wolves, the other grandmothers recognize her as one of their own. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Nt: contains a passage about a boy frightened while lost in the woods).

Baby Rattlesnake.Te Ata OL 398.24 Mor Spanish / PACL 398 A862b

Baby Rattlesnake cries and cries until his parents give him a rattle although he is too young. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

The Bells of Santa Lucia, Guz Cazzola

A small girl, Lucinda, is reminded of her dead grandmother whenever she hears bells in her Italian village ring. She withdraws from the world until a near catastrophe convinces Lucinda that bells can speak. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

Bentley & Egg, William Joyce OL E Joy / PACL PB Joyce

When his one true friend, Kack Kack the duck, leaves him in charge of her single egg, Bently the frog decides to paint it - greatly improving its appearance, in his opinion. When a passing boy runs off with it, Bently follows in pursuit. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

The Berenstain Bears and the Blame Game, Stan & Jan Berenstain OL E Ber

Who's to blame? That's what everyone always wants to know. But the kernal of wisdom at the heart of this latest First Time Book is who really cares? Because -- let's face it -- there's always enough blame to go around. What matters is how we work together to fix the problem. Book Description. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room, Stan & Jan Berenstain WH E Ber / PACL PB Berenstain

When small bears forget to pick up, store, and stash, some of their favorite things end up in the trash! Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

The Berenstain Bears' Trouble at School, Stan and Jan Berenstain OL E Ber / PACL PB Berenstain

While out of school for a few days with a cold, Brother Bear ignores his make-up work. And when he returns to class, he discovers the consequences of neglecting his responsibilities: he fails his division test. Grizzly Gramps helps Brother learn that it's never too late to correct a mistake. Book Description. (Ages 4-8).

Berlioz the Bear, Jan Brett OL E Bre / PACL PB Brett

On the way to a village ball with his orchestra (six bears), Berlioz forgets his concern about the mysterious buzz in his double bass when his bandwagon's wheel falls into a pothole--and when the mule goes on a sitdown strike from which a long series of helpful animals fails to dislodge him. At last, a bee emerges from the bass and stings the mule; the orchestra gets to the ball just in time. Kirkus. (Ages 4-8).

Bookworm Buddies, Judy Delton WH F Del

A short-chapter book for young readers teaches the importance of responsibility in an amusing manner, as the Pee Wees begin the new school year by earning their library badges and competing to see who can read the most. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). Reader.

Brave Irene, William Steig WH E Ste / PACL PB Steig

Plucky Irene, a dressmaker's daughter, braves a fierce snowstorm to deliver a new gown to the duchess in time for the ball. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: A Message from Chief Seattle, Susan Jeffers WH NF 814.3 Bro / PACL PB Jeffers

In the 1850's, when the US wanted to buy his people's Pacific Northwest land, Chief Seattle delivered this eloquent message to a Commissioner of Indian Affairs . . . Poetic and compelling, it's a plea to revere and preserve the web of creation: ``Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.'' Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children).

The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss WH E Seu / PACL Juv Reader Fiction Seuss

When in doubt, turn to the story of the cat that transformed a dull, rainy afternoon into a magical and just-messy-enough adventure. (Ages 4-8). Reader. (Parent Comment: “a classic”).

Cathedral Mouse, Kay Choroa PACL PB Choroa

Mouse wants a real home. When he happens into a vast, wondrous cathedral, he enjoys exploring it. Then the artistry of a special friend creates the perfect place for Mouse to call home. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon! Pat Cummings WH E Cum / PACL PB Cummings

Harvey's irate mother makes him spend Saturday cleaning his room, so he must miss his favorite television programs. He hurries to finish, but his mother finds he has stashed all his junk under the bedclothes Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

The Courage of Sarah Noble, Alice Daigliesh OL F Dai / PACL F Daigliesh

Sarah and her father leave their family to build a home in the wilderness of colonial America. When they finish, he goes away to bring the rest of the family, telling her that "to be afraid and to be brave is the best courage of all." Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Newbery Honor Book 1955).

The Dancing Granny, Ashley Bryan OL NF 398.2 Bry / PAMP 398 B915d

Spider Ananse gets Granny started dancing so he can raid her garden--but his own trick "does him in." iPac. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

The Day of Ahmed’s Secret, Florence Parry Heide WH E Hei / PACL PB Heide

As young Ahmed goes about his work delivering tanks of butane gas, guarding his secret, the reader receives a tour of the streets and bazaars of Cairo. At the end of the day Ahmed shyly divulges his secret: he has learned to write his name. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

A Day's Work, Eve Bunting WH E Bun / PACL PB Bunting

This tale begins in a parking lot with men lined up hoping a truck or car will appear with a driver looking for workers. Francisco is there with his grandfather, who doesn't speak English. Francisco knows they need the work, so he lies about their experience with gardening -- which results in a lot more work than he'd planned on and a lesson in honesty. Valerie and Walter's Best Books for Children. (Ages 4-8).

Dogger, Shirley Hughes (aka David and Dog) WH E Hug/ PACL PB Hughes

Dave and Dogger, Dave's soft, brown stuffed toy, go everywhere together. But one evening Dave discovers that Dogger is missing. Can such a sad story end happily? It can--and does--with a little help from big sister Bella.Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

The Drinking Gourd: A Story of the Underground Railroad, F. N. Monjo WH E Mon / PACL Fiction Monjo

Illuminates the tale of a young boy, the son of an Underground Railroad conductor, whose quick thinking saves a family of runaway slaves one night. The suspenseful easy reader emphasizes the courage and conviction of both the escaping slaves and those who helped them to freedom. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). Reader.

The Empty Pot, Demi WH E Dem / PACL Juv 398 D378e

In a satisfying, accessible tale, all the children of the land are given seeds to grow for the old emperor; unbeknownst to them the seeds are incapable of germinating. Ping is chosen to be the next emperor when he is the only one who has the courage to come before the ruler with an empty pot. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie and Walter's Best Books for Children).

Five Minutes Peace, Jill Murphy OL E Mur / PACL PB Murphy

All Mrs. Large wants is five minutes' peace from her energetic children, but chaos follows her all the way from the kitchen to the bath and back again. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

A Fish in His Pocket, Denys Cazet OL E Caz / PACL PB Cazet

Stopping . . . to admire the fish in a pond, bear cub Russell accidentally loses a textbook. Upon retrieving it, he discovers a small dead fish inside. He puts the fish in his pocket and worries all day about what to do with it. . . . A respectful and amusing book that celebrates the renewal of life. Ingram. (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Ages 4-8).

Frederick, Leo Lionni WH E Lio / PACL PB Lionni

The classic fable of Frederick, who supplies his fellow mice with poetry and dreams throughout the cold winter. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Honor Book 1968).

Fritz and the Mess Fairy, Rosemary Wells PACL PB Wells

Young Fritz is nobody's dream child - he hides wet towels and dirty laundry under the bed, and he preempts the possessions of family members to set up a science project. But the project turns on him and generates a Mess Fairy who really trashes the house. Penitent Fritz disinvents her and works all night to clean up the house. He crowns his good works by making a splendid breakfast for the family and leaving the kitchen a disaster area. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

A Fruit & Vegetable Man, Roni Schotter OL E Sch / PACL PB Schotter

Every morning before school, a little boy named Sun Ho, a recent immigrant, watches with fascination and yearning as Ruby creates artistic displays in his fruit and vegetable store. When Ruby gets sick and discovers that Sun Ho and his family have kept the store operating, he realizes the time has come to retire. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children).

Get Out of Bed, Robert Munsch WH E Mun / PACL PB Munsch

Night owl Amy won't wake up for school, so her parents and her brother deliver her there bed and all, where she snoozes through classes, lunch, and recess. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

Good Work Amelia Bedelia, Peggy Parish WH E Par / PACL Juv Reader Fiction Parish

Another misadventure by everyone's favorite literal-minded maid finds Amelia Bedelia in charge of the house when Mr. and Mrs. Rogers go out for the day and leave her with a list of chores. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). Reader.

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest, Lynne Cherry WH E Che / PACL PB Cherry

The many different animals that live in a great kapok tree in the Brazilian rainforest try to convince a man with an ax of the importance of not cutting down their home. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Herbie's Troubles, Carol Chapman WH E Cha / PAMP PB Chapman

Herbie's attitude toward school quickly changes the day he meets Jimmy John. IPac. (Ages 4-8).

The Hole in the Dike, Norma Green WH E Gre / PAMP PB Green

This abridged adaptation of Mary Mapes Dodge's classic tale about a boy who saves Holland from a disastrous flood is enlivened by Carle's bright and authentic collage illustrations. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Horton Hatches the Egg, Dr. Seuss WH E Seu / PACL PB Seuss

Poor Horton. Dr. Seuss's kindly elephant is persuaded to sit on an egg while its mother, the good-for-nothing bird lazy Maysie, takes a break. Little does Horton know that Maysie is setting off for a permanent vacation in Palm Springs. He waits, and waits, never leaving his precarious branch, even through a freezing winter and a spring that's punctuated by the insults of his friends. . . . Further indignities await, but Horton has the patience of Job--from whose story this one clearly derives--and he is rewarded in the end by the surprise birth of... an elephant-bird. (Ages 2 to 7).

Just A Dream, Chris Van Allsburg WH E Van / PACL PB Van Allsburg

A surrealistic masterpiece about the environment. Young Walter couldn't care less about the environment until a terrifying nightmare about the future--with landfills buying neighborhoods--drastically changes his perspective. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Just a Mess! Mercer Mayer OL E May

In this hilarious picture-book tale, the very popular Little Critter is forced to clean up his room in order to find his lost baseball mitt. Book Description. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

Katy and the Big Snow, Virginia Burton WH E Bur / PACL PB Burton

Katy, a brave and untiring tractor, who pushes a bulldozer in the summer and a snowplow in the winter, makes it possible for the townspeople to do their jobs. Book Description. (Ages 4-8).

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, Peter Roop WH E Roo / PACL Juv. Reader Fiction Roop

In the winter of 1856, a storm delays the lighthouse keeper's return to an island off the coast of Maine, and his daughter Abbie must keep the lights burning by herself. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). Reader.

Keepers of Life, Michael Caduto PAMP 398 C126kL / PACL Juv. Teacher’s Shelf 398 C126kL

Each of the 19 Native American stories here is a natural teaching tool sparking curiosity in children. Keepers Of Life provides a complete program of study in botany, plant ecology and the natural history of North American plants, from desert to seashore, rainforest to alpine tundra. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed). (Parent Comment: good stories).

The Keeping Quilt, Patricia Polacco WH E Pol / PACL PB Polacco

In a glowing personal book, Polacco traces the history of a quilt made from bits of her ancestors' clothing in 'backhome Russia.' Over the course of a century, the coverlet serves as a Sabbath tablecloth, a wedding canopy, and a blanket for newborn babies. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Note: Jewish theme, mentions death). (Parent Comment: a lovely, touching book).

Little Bear, Elsa Holmelund Minarik WH E Min / PACL Juv Reader F Minarik

Meet Little Bear, a friend to millions of children and meet Mother Bear, who is there whenever Little Bear needs her. When it is cold and snowy outside, she finds just the right outfit for Little Bear to play in. When he goes to the moon, she has a hot lunch waiting for him on his return. At night she helps him get to sleep. And, of course, she never forgets his birthday. Book Description. (Ages 4-8). Reader.

Little Red Riding Hood, Paul Galdone OL 398.2 Gal / PAMP 398 G149L

This is a near-irresistible rendition of the Grimm tale, in which a plucky Red Riding Hood marches resolutely through a birch forest to bring her ailing grandmother a decidedly Gallic pick-me-up: "a piece of pie and a bottle of wine." In this telling, the wicked wolf makes short work of both grandma (whom we only meet in the book's final illustration) and grand-daughter, only to have his bloated belly efficiently snipped open by a passing hunter. "The wolf, of course, did not survive the operation", and Little Red Riding Hood gets to keep part of his hide "so that her mother could make her a nice fur coat." Parents' Choice. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

Little Toot, Hardie Gramatky OL E Gra / PACL PB Gramatky

Little Toot the tugboat would rather play than work. When the other tugboats get annoyed with his laziness, Little Toot decides to show them all what a hardworking little tugboat he can be. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Little Toot and the Loch Ness Monster, Hardie Gramatky OL E Gra

The beloved tugboat, first introduced half a century ago, travels to Scotland where he finds and aids the Loch Ness monster. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

The Lorax, Dr. Seuss WH E Seu / PACL PB Seuss

In this cautionary tale of greed and environmental destruction, the lovable Lorax tries to save the Truffula Forest and its inhabitants from disaster at the hands of the cantankerous Once-ler. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Marvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher's House, Louis Sachar WH F Sac / PACL F Sachar

When his third-grade teacher pays Marvin to take care of her old dog, Waldo, while she's away, his friends think Marvin is he luckiest kid in the whole world-- until Waldo dies. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children).

Max and Ruby's Midas: Another Greek Myth, Rosemary Wells OL E Wel / PACL PB Wells

Max the bunny craves junk food, so he hoards all the cupcakes. His older sister, Ruby, worries about him, so she tells him a bedtime story about the little bunny Prince Midas, who discovers that he can use laser-beams from his eyes to transform prune whip into a hot-fudge sundae. In the end, Midas finds he's turned all his family into melted ice cream and sagging Jell-O, and he's sorry; he realizes he's had too much of a good thing. Ruby points out the lesson to Max, who looks appropriately contrite--until his sister leaves and Max relishes the cupcake he's been hoarding all along. Booklist. (Ages 4-8).

Miss Rumphius, Barbara Cooney WH E Coo / PACL PB Cooney

Deciding in childhood that she would seek adventure in faraway places, Miss Rumphius fulfills her dream and then has one more thing to do--something to make the world more beautiful. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children).

More Bunny Trouble, Hans Wilhelm

It’s Easter time again, and there’s more trouble in store for Ralph, the soccer-loving rabbit. Not only does he have to paint Easter eggs, but he has to watch his baby sister, too. When she wanders off, it’s up to Ralph to find her before dark. Book Description. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

Mother's Day Mice, Eve Bunting WH E Bun / PACL PB Bunting

Brett's illustrations show the love between a mother and her sons as three mouse brothers search to find their mom the perfect gift. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

My Buddy, Audry Osofsky WH E Oso / PACL PB Osofsky

Buddy and his master are like any other kid and his dog. They play together, go for walks and runs, and Buddy even sleeps on his master's bed. But Buddy is actually different from other pets--he has been trained to be a helpmate to a child with muscular dystrophy. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Parent Comment: very touching and educational).

Nannabah's Friend, Mary Perrine WH E Per

First dawn had come, and it was time to take the sheep to the canyon. But this day was different. Today Nannabah would not be with her grandfather in the canyon. Today she would go alone. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

A Nice Walk in the Jungle, Nan Bodsworth OL E Bod

Absent-minded, earnest Miss Jellaby, taking her charges for a nature walk through the jungle, fails to notice a boa constrictor who is swallowing the children one by one. Young readers will enjoy the fun, which includes spying the hidden animals Miss Jellaby fails to see. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

Night on Neighborhood Street, Eloise Greenfield WH 811.54 Gre / PACL 811 G812n

A rich collection of original poems celebrates the sights, sounds, and emotions of an African-American neighborhood over the course of a single evening. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Now One Foot, Now the Other, Tomie dePaola WH E de / PACL PB dePaola

When Grandfather has a stroke, little Bobby helps him to relearn many of the things that he taught Bobby as a toddler. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 4-8).

Ollie Forgot, Tedd Arnold WH E Arn

Poor Ollie has a hard time remembering anything. He tries to remember his mother's shopping list, but forgets where he's going! Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Partners, Betty Baker WH E Bak

Three tales about Badger and Coyote: "Helping," "Farming," and "Hunting." Ipac. (Ages 4-8).

Peppe the Lamplighter, Elisa Bartone WH E Bar / PACL PB Bartone

A long time ago when there was no electricity and the streetlamps in Little Italy had to be lit by hand, Peppe lived in a tenement on Mulberry Street. His family was poor, and so, though he was just a boy, he needed to work. But a job as a lamplighter was not what his father had dreamed of for Peppe. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Honor Book 1994).

Pigsty, Mark Teague WH E Tea / PACL PB Teague

Wendell Fultz, a young boy whose room is so messy that it becomes a pigsty, is horrified when some pigs decide that the place is just perfect and decide to move in. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

The Pixy and the Lazy Housewife, Mary Calhoun WH E Cal

A lazy old woman tries to trick the pixies into doing all her work but the plan backfires. Ipac. (Ages 4-8).

Sachiko Means Happiness, Kimiko Sakai WH E Sak / PACL PB Sakai

A simply told, understated story of young Sachiko's acceptance of her grandmother's Alzheimer's disease. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

Salt Boy, Mary Perrine WH E Per

When danger to the sheep leaves no alternative, a young Navajo boy breaks his promise to his father and is rewarded for his courage and good judgment. Ipac. (Ages 4-8).

Sam Who Never Forgets, Eve Rice OL E Ric / PACL PB Rice

Sam the zookeeper never forgets to feed the animals. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

The Signmaker's Assistant, Tedd Arnold WH E Arn / PACL PB Arnold

Norman, the signmaker's assistant, dreams of having his own shop. But one day while his boss is napping, Norman concocts a very mischievous sign. Soon lots of odd signs appear around town, and Norman is in stitches. But when the old signmaker is blamed for the mischief, Norman realizes the importance not only of good signs, but of honesty too. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Strega Nona, Tomie dePaola WH E deP / PACL 398 D419s

Strega Nona -- "Grandma Witch" -- is the source for potions, cures, magic, and comfort in her Calabrian town. Her magical everfull pasta pot is especially intriguing to hungry Big Anthony. He is supposed to look after her house and tend her garden but one day, when she goes over the mountain to visit Strega Amelia, Big Anthony recites the magic verse over the pasta pot, with disastrous results. Book Description. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Honor Book 1976).

The Summer My Father Was Ten, Pat Brisson WH E Bri

Every spring when a father takes his daughter out to plant tomatoes, peppers, onions, marigolds, and zinnias in the yard, he tells her about the time when, in a few moments one August afternoon, he and his friends ruined the similar garden old Mr. Bellavista had planted in an empty lot. Stung with remorse, the boy watches Mr. Bellavista silently clean up the wreckage, and next April helps him plant a new garden, care for it, and enjoy its harvest. Mr. Bellavista is gone, but his memory is still part of each year's garden. Kirkus Reviews. *Ages 4-8). (Nt: this book has been selected to be read to/by students in all of our classrooms).

The Sunflower Garden, Janice Udry WH E Udr

An Algonkian Indian girl lives in the shadow of her four brothers' achievements until her cultivation of a sunflower garden and an attack on a rattlesnake bring praise from the entire village. IPac. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

Tell Me a Mitzi, Lore Segal WH SC Seg / PACL PB Segal

Three household adventures in the life of Mitzi include an intended trip to grandmother's, sharing a family cold, and reversing the President's motorcade. Ipac. (Ages 4-8).

Tick Tock, Eileen Browne

When Skip Squirrel breaks her mother's beloved cuckoo clock, her attempts to get it fixed have surprising results. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

Too Many Tamales, Gary Soto WH E Sot / PACL PB Soto

The whole family is coming for Christmas, so Maria and her parents are busy making tamales--Maria helps Mom knead the masa, and her father puts them in the pot to boil. While they're working, Maria secretly tries on Mom's diamond ring, then forgets about it until she's playing with her cousins. Since it's not on her thumb she's sure it's in a tamale, so the four cousins consume all 24 (with some difficulty) in hopes of finding it. No luck--the ring's on Mom's finger, after all. In this family, there's no scolding: Aunt Rosa says, ``It looks like we all have to cook up another batch,'' and so they do, three generations laughing and working together. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 4-8).

Tops and Bottoms, Janet Stevens WH 398.2 Ste / PACL 398 S844t

Bear and Hare are involved in a gardening partnership, with industrious, clever Hare reaping all the vegetable profits. As usual, Stevens' animal characters, bold and colorful, are delightful. Hare, decked out in a lively gardening shirt and surrounded by mischievous offspring, is the image of determination. It's Bear, however, who wins the personality prize: he snoozes away each planting season squashed in his favorite chair, changing positions with each flip of the page. Book List. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Honor Book 1996).

The Wednesday Surprise, Eve Bunting WH E Bun/ PACL PB Bunting

Anna and Grandma are planning a surprise for Dad's birthday. Dad thinks he has received all his presents, Grandma stands up and gives him the best one of all: she reads aloud the stories that Anna has taught her. Book Description. (Ages 4-8).

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears, Verna Aardema WH 398.2 Aar / PACL 398 A113w

Mosquito tells a story that causes a jungle disaster. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Medal Winner 1976).

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, Mem Fox WH E Fox / PACL PB Fox

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, a rather small boy, lives next door to a nursing home in which resides Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper, his favorite friend, because she has four names as well. When Miss Nancy "loses" her memory, the intrepid Wilfrid sets out to find it for her. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children).

The Wump World, Bill Peet WH E Pee / PACL PB Peet

The Pollutians invade the Wump World and turn the green meadows into a concrete jungle. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

Ages 9-12

Across Five Aprils, Irene Hunt WH F Hun / PACL Juv Fiction Hunt

The unforgettable story of young Jethro Creighton, who comes of age during the turbulent years of the Civil War. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Honor Book 1965). (Not reviewed).

Aldo Ice Cream, Johanna Hurwitz WH F Hur / PACL F Hurwitz

Aldo is working through the summer, trying to earn enough money to pay for the ice cream machine his sister wants for her birthday. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Aldo Peanut Butter, Johanna Hurwitz OL F Hur / PACL F Hurwitz

Allowed to keep two of the five puppies he receives for his birthday, Aldo names his unruly pets Peanut and Butter and - while his parents are away taking care of his sick grandfather - prays the dogs will learn house rules before the house falls apart. Horn Book. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

All Alone, Claire Bishop OL F Bis / PACL F Bishop

Written with depth and charm and with an understanding of young boys, the novel relates the tale of a French shepherd boy who changes the ways of his elders in an Alpine village where the prevailing motto has been each man for himself. Horn Book. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Honor Book 1954). (Not reviewed).

The Almond Orchard, Laura Jane Coats OL E Coa / PACL PB Coates

A woman reminisces about her lifelong involvement in her family's almond orchard. Horn Book. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

The Barn, Avi OL F Avi / PACL F Avi

Ben is convinced that building a barn for his incapacitated father will cure the older man of his recent stroke. The day after Ben and his older siblings finish, Ben discovers that their father has died during the night. The deceptively easy-to-read Oregon Trail book is actually a contemplative survival novel; Ben's drive to bring his project to fruition stands as a testament to hope and to belief in the continuity of life. Horn Book. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not reviewed).

Bearstone, Will Hobbs OL F Hob / PAMain Young Adult Fiction Hobbs

A sullen, orphaned Indian boy temporarily finds a home with an old prospector and rancher. Their attempts to understand each other and their appreciation for the glorious mountain area of Colorado lead them to respect and affection. Horn Book. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Behind the Attic Wall, Sulvia Cassedy WH F Cas / PACL F Cassedy

In the bleak, forbidding house of her great-aunts, neglected twelve-year-old orphan Maggie hears ghostly voices and finds magic that awakens in her the capacity to love and be loved. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Blackwater, Eve Bunting

Thirteen-year-old Brodie Lynch was ready for the perfect summer of adventure along the awesome Blackwater River. That was before everything changed forever. When a harmless prank goes too far, the unthinkable happens. Brodie's lies make him a hero, but inside, his guilt tears at him like the treacherous current of the Blackwater itself, which has become a horrifying reminder of his part in the tragedy. . . a young boy is faced with a choice between right and wrong and ultimately learns that truth can offer hope in even the darkest moments. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

A Boy in the Doghouse, Betsy Duffey OL F Duf

George loves his new puppy, Lucky, but Lucky is out of control. If George doesn't train him soon, his parents will make George take Lucky back to the pound. As for Lucky, he has a lot of work to do, too--he has to train George to give him more ham. By the end of this funny story, Lucky comes to realize that he can train George by doing the right thing. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Case of the Stolen Bagels, Hila Colman OL F Col / PACL Juv Mystery Colman

When Paul is wrongly accused of stealing bagels intended for an art project in his classroom, he sets out to find the real culprit. IPac. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens WH F Dic/ PACL Fiction Dickens

"Bah!” said Scrooge. “Humbug!” With those famous words unfolds a tale that renews the joy and caring that are Christmas. . . It is the one book that every year will warm our hearts with favorite memories of Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future — and will remind us with laughter and tears that the true Christmas spirit comes from giving with love. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Cry of the Crow, Jean George OL F Geo

To Mandy's father and older brothers, Crows are pests that have to be kept away from the farm's valuable strawberry crop. Even her younger brother, Drummer, can't wait until he's old enough to learn to shoot. So when Mandy finds the helpless baby crow in the woods, she feeds and tames her in secret. As Mandy's bird grows, the wild crows try to lure her away. Knowing her crow must be free, but wanting to keep her as a pet, Mandy begins to realize that growing up is more complicated than she ever dreamed. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

A Day No Pigs Would Die, Robert Peck OL F Pec / PACL Young Adult Fiction Peck

This gentle story about a 12-year-old Vermont farm boy "manages to evoke a sense of vanished America--when neighbors were neighborly, when food was home-cooked, and clothes and philosophy homespun" Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

The Enormous Egg, Oliver Butterworth. WH F But / PACL F Butterworth

When twelve-year-old Nate Twitchell takes care of a gigantic egg laid by one of his hens, he is shocked to find that it hatches into a triceratops. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not reviewed).

Every Living Thing, Cynthia Rylant PACL Juv Fiction Rylant

Here are twelve deeply moving short stories from the perceptive pen of Cynthia Rylant. Each captures the moment when someone's life changes -- when an animal causes a human being to see things in a different way, and, perhaps, changes his life. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie and Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not reviewed).

50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth, The Earthworks Group WH 574.5 Fif / PACL Juv 628.44 F469

This valuable and entertaining book shows children how specific elements of their environment--like a light switch or a toilet--are connected to the rest of the world. Clear, practical tips show kids how they can conserve energy, recycle waste, and take on important environmental projects. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

The Great Skinner Strike, Stephanie Tolan WH F Tol / PACL F Tolan

When fourteen-year-old Jenny Skinner's mother goes on strike for better working conditions in the home, and as a result polarizes much of their community, Jenny, her three younger siblings, and her father come to some surprising conclusions. IPac. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Half Magic, Edward Eager WH F Eag / PACL F Eager

Four cherished stories about vacationing cousins who stumble into magical doings and whimsical adventures. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not reviewed).

Hatchet, Gary Paulsen WH F Pau / PACL F Paulsen

On his way to visit his recently divorced father in the Canadian mountains, thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson is the only survivor when the single-engine plane crashes. His body battered, his clothes in shreds, Brian must now stay alive in the boundless Canadian wilderness. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Honor Book 1988). (Not reviewed).

Henry and Beezus, Beverly Cleary WH F Cle / PACL F Cleary

Henry Huggins and his dog Ribsy find themselves busily trying to raise money to buy a bicycle. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Henry and the Paper Route, Beverly Cleary WH F Cle / PACL F Cleary

Ten-year-old Henry attempts to prove to his boss that he is capable of handling a paper route. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, Bette Lord OL F Lor / PACL Fiction Lord

Shirley Temple Wong sails from China to America with a heart full of dreams. Her new home is Brooklyn, New York. America is indeed a land full of wonders, but Shirley doesn't know any English, so it's hard to make friends. Then a miracle-baseball-happens. It is 1947, and Jackie Robinson, star of the Brooklyn Dodgers, is everyone's hero. Jackie Robinson is proving that a black man, the grandson of a slave, can make a difference in America and for Shirley as well, on the ball field and off, America becomes the land of opportunity. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O'Dell OL F O'De / PACL F O'Dell

This is the story of Karana, the Indian girl who lived alone for years on the Island of the Blue Dolphins. Year after year, she watched one season pass into another and waited for a ship to take her away. But while she waited, she kept herself alive by building shelter, making weapons, finding food, and fighting her enemies, the wild dogs. It is not only an unusual adventure of survival, but also a tale of natural beauty and personal discovery. From the Publisher. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Medal Winner 1961). (Not reviewed).

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher, Bruce Coville WH F Cov / PACL F Coville

While evading the class bullies one afternoon, Jeremy Thatcher discovers a magic shop and becomes the owner of a shining sphere of swirling colors that turns out to be a dragon egg. Jeremy cares for the dragon until the day when it must return to its own world. A simple fantasy about friendship. Horn Book. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not reviewed).

Keepers of the Animals, Michael Caduto OL 398.2 Cad / PACL 398 C126ka

Using stories to show the importance of wildlife in Native American traditions, this book gives parents and teachers an exciting way to teach children about animals. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Keepers of the Earth, Michael Caduto OL 398.2 Cad / PACL 970.62 C126k

Respect and stewardship for the Earth and all living things are the main themes in this invaluable and time-honored resource. Beginning with Native American stories, readers are provided with an abundance of hands-on activities that will inspire children to understand and appreciate Native American cultures and the Earth. Fulcrum Books. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Keepers of the Night, Michael Caduto OL 398.2 Cad / PACL 398 C126kn

Eight native American stories and nighttime artistic and scientific activities teach children about astronomy and nocturnal weather, plants, and animals, helping them to develop a caring, constructive relationship with nature and the out-of-doors. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Kid Power, Susan Pfeffer OL F Pfe / PACL F Pfeffer

Eleven-year-old Janie advertises to do odd jobs in her neighborhood and receives so much business, she hires her friends and becomes manager of the Kid Power Agency. IPac. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Knight's Castle, Edward Eager WH F Eag / PACL F Eager

Magic abounds in Edward Eager's world. Whether his young heroes and heroines are awash in a lake full of magic, making double wishes on a half-magic coin, cavorting with Robin Hood and Ivanhoe, or "thyme" traveling, the adventures simply never stop. 8-12). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not reviewed).

Map of Nowhere, Gillian Cross PACL F Cross

Finding a note in Joseph's lost wallet referring to dungeons and warriors, Nick becomes involved in a fantasy game which takes a dangerous turn when gang members send him on a quest which involves betraying Joseph. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Nothing But the Truth: A Documentary Novel, Avi OL F Avi / PACL Young Adult F Avi

Ninth-grader Philip has never been in trouble, but he's upset because his English grade is keeping him off the track team. . . [H]e hums along with the daily playing of the national anthem . . . [When h]is English teacher . . . tries to enforce the silence rule, Philip responds with offhand rudeness . . . [T]he ensuing confrontation escalates into a two-day suspension followed by national media attention based on the erroneous belief that Philip has been denied the right to express his patriotism. Skillfully composing his story from school memos, news clips, dialogues, and Philip's diary, Avi shows how well-meaning people can generate misinformation through a combination of interrupting or simply not listening, shaping facts to suit their own goals, letting preconceptions muddy thought, or just lacking the will and the skill to get things straight. The garbled conversations here are all too believable; only one reporter makes an intelligent effort to find out what really happened, and his story is never printed. Nobody wins . . .Wryly satirical: nothing but the deplorable truth about our increasingly inarticulate, media-driven society. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie and Walter's Best Books for Children). (Newbery Honor Book 1992). (Not reviewed).

Oh Emma, Barbara Baker OL F Bak

Emma enjoys her friends in the projects, but her family's three-bedroom apartment is too small and they can't have pets. She's tired of sharing a room with messy younger sister Janie; toddler brother Nick annoys her. Impatiently, she anticipates the day their savings will make her dream come true--a house where she can have a puppy. When her parents tell her there is going to be a new baby, her feelings are a mixture of excitement and disappointment as the dream recedes once again. At least the baby can share her room if they get bunk beds, but even that hope is dashed when her father says they can't afford it. Emma yells, ``I hate you!''; then a friend tells Emma about buying secondhand, and Emma tells her father. Later she writes him a loving note, and her parents tell her that they plan to get secondhand bunk beds. Baker sensitively portrays the ardent hopes, enthusiasms, and disappointments of a nine-year-old in this warm story of a loving working-class family reaching for the American dream. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 7-10). (Not reviewed).

On My Honor, Marion Bauer OL F Bau / PACL Fiction Bauer

When his best friend drowns while they are swimming in a treacherous river that they had promised never to go near, Joel is devastated and terrified at having to tell both sets of parents the terrible consequences of their disobedience. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Newbery Honor Book 1987). (Not reviewed).

One-Eyed Cat, Paula Fox WH F Fox / PACL F Fox

Eleven-year-old Ned shoots a forbidden gun just once on a moonlit night and then is haunted by a guilty fear. Was it his shot that wounded the one-eyed cat? Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Honor Book 1985). (Not reviewed).

Pigs Might Fly, Dick King-Smith WH F Kin / PACL F King-Smith

Daggie Dogfoot, the runt of the litter, is in danger. The pigman, who takes all runts from their pens, is coming for him! But Daggie is a pig of remarkable qualities, and he's not about to let the Pigman get him. Instead, he runs away and decides to learn how to fly. But when he tries leaping off a cliff, he discovers another talent— a talent he'll need to save the entire farm. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Seven-Day Magic, Edward Eager WH F Eag / PACL F Eager

A seven-day book of magic proves to be fractious for five children, who must learn the book's rules and tame its magic. Ipac. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not reviewed).

Shoeshine Girl, Clyde Robert Bulla OL F Bul / PACL F Bulla

Ten-year-old Sarah Ida--hostile and uncooperative at home, and heading for trouble--becomes less self-centered and more self-reliant after a summer job at her aunt's. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Smoke Screen, Amy Goldman Koss PACL New Fiction Koss

Seemingly harmless little fibs have a way of spinning out of control, as poor Mitzi learns the hard way. Mitzi has an enormous crush on Mike Humphrey, and he suddenly talks to her--right when she's tearing up because of something in her eye. Nervous and unwilling to let him get away too soon, she claims the tears are because her mother is very ill. Bad idea! The fib grows and grows, and suddenly Mitzi and her family are the object of embarrassing attention at school. Booklist. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Stone Fox, by John Reynolds Gardiner WH F Gar/ PACL Fiction Gardiner

Ten-year-old Willy needs to win the big dogsled race in order to pay the back taxes on his grandfather's farm--but that means beating the huge Indian mountain man, Stone Fox. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie and Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not reviewed).

Strider, Beverly Cleary PACL F Cleary

In the sequel to the Newbery Medal-winning Dear Mr. Henshaw, an abandoned dog helps young Leigh catch the eye of the high school track coach and heal the wounds inflicted by his parents' recent divorce. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Summer of the Swans, Betsy Byars WH F Bya / PACL Fiction Byars

The longest day in the life of a 14-year-old girl -- the summer day her loved, mentally retarded brother is lost, the day she discovers compassion is a friend. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Medal Winner 1971). (Not reviewed).

Takers & Returners : a Novel of Suspense, Carol Beach York WH F Yor

Children divide into two groups and play a new and dangerous game to alleviate the boredom of summer: objects stolen from neighboring people and places by one group must be returned by the other. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

Tuck Everlasting, Natallie Babbit WH F Bab / PACL Fiction Babbit

Imagine coming upon a fountain of youth in a forest. To live forever--isn't that everyone's ideal? For the Tuck family, eternal life is a reality, but their reaction to their fate is surprising. Award winner Natalie Babbitt outdoes herself in this sensitive, moving adventure in which 10-year-old Winnie Foster is kidnapped, finds herself helping a murderer out of jail, and is eventually offered the ultimate gift--but doesn't know whether to accept it. Babbitt asks profound questions about the meaning of life and death, and leaves the reader with a greater appreciation for the perfect cycle of nature. Tuck Everlasting will last forever--in the reader's imagination. (Ages 9-12). (Not reviewed).

The Whipping Boy, Sid Fleischman WH F Fle / PACL F Fleischman

A bratty prince and his whipping boy inadvertently change places after becoming involved with dangerous outlaws. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Medal Winner 1987). (Not reviewed).

Across the Grain, Jean Ferris OL F Fer / PAMain Young Adult Fiction Ferris

Recently orphaned and still a minor, seventeen-year-old Will Griffin must postpone his own plans and accompany his irresponsible, manipulative sister on a vague quest to the California high desert. His loneliness eventually abates as he makes friends with a defensive classmate and an older man who teaches him wood carving. Horn Book. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Ace Hits the Big Time, Barbara Murphy

Sixteen-year-old Ace Hobart dreads his first day of school in New York City, but he is befriended by the roughest gang in school when they are asked to star in a film about teen violence. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Driver's Ed, Caroline B. Cooney OL F Coo / PACL Young Adult F Cooney

Teenagers Remy and Morgan find their lives changed forever after they thoughtlessly steal a stop sign from a dangerous intersection and a young mother is killer in an automobile accident there. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Earthsea Quartet,  Ursula K. Le GuinWH F Le

A four book mediation on the effects and uses of power, this outstanding piece of fantasy writing has been acclaimed in the adult as well as children's arena. . . Darker than you might expect, but it ranks at the very top of the list of world building fantasy. Dragons, wizzards, magic -- it's all here. Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Free Fall, Joyce Sweeney OL F Swe / PAMP Young Adult F Sweeney

Four diverse teenage boys take a day trip to a cave in Florida and find themselves in a perilous situation that tests and tempers their friendship and calls on every ounce of strength, courage, and shrewdness they can muster. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

How to Be School Smart: Secrets of Successful Schoolwork, Elizabeth James OL 371.3 J / PACL 371.3 J27h

Discusses a variety of simple techniques for developing effective study habits. Ipac. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

I Know What You Did Last Summer, Lois Duncan PACL Young Adult Mystery Duncan

Four teen-agers who have desperately tried to conceal their responsibility for a hit-and-run accident are pursued by a mystery figure seeking revenge. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Just Dial a Number, Edith Maxwell OL F Max

A prank phone call she made turns into a nightmare for a high school senior who was just trying to show the crowd she knew how to have fun. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

The Killer's Cousin, Nancy Werlin OL F Wer / PAMain Young Adult Fiction Werlin

After being acquitted of murder, seventeen-year-old David goes to stay with relatives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he finds himself forced to face his past as he learns more about his strange young cousin Lily. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Killing Mr. Griffin, Lois Duncan OL F Dun / PACL Young Adult Mystery Duncan

A group of students kidnap their teacher to "teach him a lesson," but their plans go awry when he dies, leaving them in a morass of lies and guilt. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Les Miserables, Victor Hugo OL F Hug / PACL F Hugo

Redemption and faith change the course of a man's life in this classic French novel, set against the backdrop of the French Revolution. Escaped convict Jean Valjean seeks to outwit his nemesis and redeem his past in this story about the difference faith makes in the life of an individual. Book Description. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

No Easy Answers: Short Stories About Teenagers Making Tough Choices, edited by Donald Gallo OL SC No / PAMP Young Adult F No

This anthology features 16 stories about individuals who find themselves in situations that test their strength of character. They are called upon to make moral choices, face the consequences of their actions, and consider what it means to "do the right thing". From computer blackmail, peer pressure, and gang violence to drug use, unwanted pregnancy, guilt and atonement, these characters face decisions that may affect the rest of their lives. There are many tough choices; there are no easy answers. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Nobody Else Has to Know, Ingrid Tomey OL F Tom

When Grampa allows fifteen-year-old Webber to drive his car, the underage motorist hits and seriously injures a young girl. Grampa falsely tells police that he was behind the wheel, leaving Webber to grapple with coming forward to accept responsibility for the accident. Horn Book. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Painting the Black, Carl Deuker PAMP Young Adult F Deuker

High-school senior Ryan Ward finds his love of baseball threatened, when one of his teammates pushes the limits too far, and Ryan is forced to choose between his passion for the game and his personal sense of integrity. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

The Pigman, Paul Zindel OL F Zin / PACL F Zindel

Two lonely high school students befriend a strange old man, Mr. Pignati. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not reviewed).

Profiles in Courage, John F. Kennedy WH 920 Ken / PAMain 923.2 K35p

The Pulitzer Prize-winning account of men of principle, integrity and bravery in American politics . . . Eight men who served the United States Senate were selected by John F. Kennedy as models of virtue and courage under pressure. These eight men persevered in their pursuit of justice and the right path, in spite of the coercion and vilification of the majority. These heroes include Mississippi's Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar who stood up to unbounded calumny when he moved to reconcile Northern and Southern differences during the years after the Civil War, and George Norris, who, in 1910, cursaded against the strong and often dictatorial leadership of his own party. The others profiled by Kennedy are John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, Thomas Hart Benton, Sam Houston, Edmund G. Ross, and Robert A. Taft. Book Description. (Ages: Young Adult). (Pulitzer Prize 1957). (Not reviewed).

Rundown, Michael Cadnum OL F Cad

Jennifer Thayer went for a run, threw herself down a hill, and then filed a false police report, claiming that she fought off a rapist. Now the police are reassuring and sympathetic, and hardly anyone questions Jennifer's story. Friends and family express their concern, and the press is interested. But Jennifer can't hide from the only person who knows what really happened-herself. Book Description. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

The Runner, Cynthia Voight OL F Voi / PACL Young Adult F Voight

As a dedicated runner, a teenage boy has always managed to distance himself from other people until the experience of coaching one of his teammates on the track team gradually helps him see the value of giving and receiving. Ipac. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Shots on Goal, Rich Wallace PAMP Young Adult F Wallace

Soccer player Bones Austin needs to negotiate the tough terrain of being the younger brother to the more athletically and socially talented Tommy, of being the son whose mother keeps wondering why he isn't dating, of being the best friend to Joey, who manages athletics and now girls with greater success. Horn Book. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Such Nice Kids, Eve Bunting

Several basically decent teenagers get caught in a downward spiral of circumstances that lead to tragedy. The novel pulls no punches in delivering its somber message about responsibility. Horn Book. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Swallowing Stones, Joyce McDonald OL F McD / PAMain Young Adult F McDonald

On his seventeenth birthday, Michael randomly fires a rifle--unaware that the bullet travels for a mile, fatally wounding Jenna Ward's father. Upon learning of the accident, Michael desperately tries to hide his involvement. His increasing panic and guilt are related in a parallel story line with Jenna's grief and recovery. Horn Book. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Tangerine, Edward Bloor OL F Blo / PACL F Bloor

Legally blind, Paul Fisher has lived most of his life in the shadow of his football star brother. But things change when they move to Tangerine County, where bizarre natural disasters are everyday occurrences, and Paul wins an unlikely new crew of friends on the soccer field. In a climactic ending, Paul finally confronts his parents with the truth about the brother he fears, and readers will cheer for this bright, funny, decent kid. Horn Book. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Tears of a Tiger, Sharon Draper PAMain Young Adult F Draper

Written in the form of conversations, journals, letters, and homework assignments, the book contains students' reactions to a high school basketball star's death in an automobile accident. . . [T]he book is occasionally awkward, but it is intense and truthful in its exploration of suicide, drinking, and other potent issues. Horn Book. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

The Warrior's Apprentice, Lois McMaster Bujold OL F Buj / PAMain SF Bujold

Discharged from the Barrarayan academy after flunking the physical, a discouraged Miles Vorkosigan takes possession of a jumpship and becomes the leader of a mercenary force that expands to a fleet of treasonous proportions. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

We All Fall Down, Robert Cormier OL F Cor / PAMain Young Adult F Cormier

As The Avenger searches for the teenage boys who trashed a house in his neighborhood, Buddy, one of the trashers, increases his drinking in order to cope with his parents' separation and his obsession with the daughter of the owner of the vandalized house. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune, Lori Aurelia Williams OL F Wil / PAMain F Williams

Growing up in a tiny rent shack in a poor Houston neighborhood, Shayla Dubois, 12, wants to be a writer, and her first-person narrative is both colloquial and poetic, innocent and immediate. She's devastated when her 15-year-old sister, Pia, disappears after a furious quarrel with Mama: Pia is in love with an older guy, Donald "Doo-witty" Dwight. Everyone knows he's a dummy--he can barely read and write--but Pia refuses to give him up. In a parallel plot strand, Shayla spends more and more time with her new neighbor and classmate Kambia, who spins strange stories of escape and magic. Shayla is surprised to learn from her loving grandma that sometimes you have to go down the wrong path to get to the right place. Most readers will realize early on that Kambia's fantasies hide the horrifying facts of her sexual abuse. In contrast, the revelations about Doo-witty are astonishingly upbeat. In a beautiful take on the Cinderella story, he's the dummy who turns out to be a prince. Booklist. (Age: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Whirligig, Paul Fleischman OL F Fle / PACL Young Adult F Fleischman

When sixteen-year-old Brent Bishop inadvertently causes the death of a young woman, he is sent on an unusual journey of repentance, building wind toys across the land. In his most ambitious novel to date, Newbery winner Paul Fleischman traces Brent's healing pilgrimage from Washington State to California, Florida, and Maine, and describes the many lives set into new motion by the ingenious creations Brent leaves behind. Book Description. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

Wrestling Sturbridge, Rich Wallace OL F Wal / PAMP Young Adult F Wallace

In a town that defines itself by its concrete plant and high school athletics, Ben is the second-best wrestler in his weight class. During his senior year he struggles to find a future and challenges his best friend for the wrestling title. In this first novel, Wallace explores themes of self-discovery, loyalty, and competition through the metaphor of wrestling. Horn Book. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not reviewed).

The Yearling, Marjorie Rawlings WH F Raw / PACL F Rawlings

No novel better epitomizes the love between a child and a pet than The Yearling. Young Jody adopts an orphaned fawn he calls Flag and makes it a part of his family and his best friend. But life in the Florida backwoods is harsh, and so, as his family fights off wolves, bears, and even alligators, and faces failure in their tenuous subsistence farming, Jody must finally part with his dear animal friend. Book Description. (Age: Young Adult). (Pulitzer Prize Winner 1939). (Not reviewed).

* We have not yet had the chance to read all the books recommended, so you might to pre-read the selections if you are concerned about content. Of those we have read, we added a notation if we thought the theme might pose some problems for you (such as death, capital punishment, or discussion of the topic in the context of a religious holiday).

Books marked WH are in our library, OL in other Palo Alto School District libraries, PACL at the Palo Alto Children's Library, PAMain at Palo Alto Main Library and PAMP at Palo Alto Mitchell Park Library.