Abby, Jeannette Caines WH E Cai / PACL PB Caines

Abby enjoys her special place in the family as the adopted child. Ingram. (Ages: Preschool).

David Goes to School, David Shannon WH E Sha / PACL PB Shannon

Young David shows up late to class, chews gum in class, yells answers out of turn, pulls pigtails, stares out the window, cuts in line, has a food fight ("I don't care who started it!" says the teacher), lingers at recess, and draws on his desk. . . After an intense day of exuberant misbehaving, however, he stays after school and washes all the desks until they sparkle. The day ends with a gold star and a pat on the head... something that any child (or adult) would find satisfying. (Ages:Preschool).

How Many Feet in the Bed? Diane Hamm OL E Ham

A little girl joins her dad, and, one by one, her two siblings and mom also pop into the parents' bed before the day begins in earnest. A simple counting book with illustrations reminiscent of a 1950s suburban household. Horn Book. (Ages: Preschool). (Not reviewed).

Jamaica's Blue Marker, Juanita Havill WH E Hav / PACL PB Havill

Jamaica is less than thrilled when Mrs. Wirth asks her to share her markers with bratty and disruptive Russell. To make matters worse, Russell uses the blue marker to scribble all over Jamaica's art project. Jamaica holds a grudge until she learns that Russell is moving to another town. On Russell's last day of school Jamaica surprises him with an unusual going-away present. Both children recognize the importance of respecting others' feelings--and belongings. Heartwood Institute. (Ages 3-6).

Song and Dance Man, Karen Ackerman & Steven Gammell WH E Ack/ PACL PB Ackerman

In this affectionate story, three children follow their grandfather up to the attic, where he pulls out his old bowler hat, gold-tipped cane, and his tap shoes. Grandpa once danced on the vaudeville stage, and as he glides across the floor, the children can see what it was like to be a song and dance man. . . Bespectacled, enthusiastic Grandpa clearly exudes the message that you're only as old as you feel, but the children respond--as will readers--to the nostalgia of the moment. Utterly original. Book Description. (Ages: Preschool). (Caldecott Medal Winner 1989).


Ages 4-8

All the Colors of the Earth, Sheila Hamanaka OL E Ham

With soaring words and majestic artwork, Sheila Hamanaka evokes all the rich colors children bring to this world. Laughing, loving, and glowing with life, young people dance across the pages of her book, inviting readers to share a special vision of peace and acceptance. Ingram. (Ages 3-8). (Not reviewed).

Along Sandy Trail, Ann Nolan Clark WH 574.9 Cla

A Papago Indian girl and her grandmother go for a walk and observe plants and animals of the Arizona desert. IPac. (Ages 4-8).

Amazing Grace, Mary Hoffman WH E Hof

Though schoolmates tell Grace that she can't be Peter Pan in the upcoming play because she is a girl and black, her mother and grandmother lovingly reaffirm all possibilities. Thus convinced, Grace wins the part, acting out a magical Peter Pan to universal acclaim. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

Annie and the Old One, Miska Miles WH F Mil / PACL PB Miles

When Annie's Navajo grandmother says that when Annie's mother's rug is completely woven that the grandmother will die, Annie tries to hold back time by unweaving the rug in secret. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Newbery Honor Book 1972). (Nt: deals with death). (Parent Comment: "very good book").

Badger's Bring Something Party, Hiawyn Oram PACL PB Oram

C]oncerns a "Bring Something Party" Badger gives for his friends. When Mole protests that he has nothing to bring, Badger reassures him that he can just bring himself. At the party, Mole's gloom and guilt over arriving empty-handed spoil his mood until Badger convinces him that he has much to contribute by becoming more outgoing and sharing his intangible gifts with others. . . the lesson is a gentle one that many parents will want to share with their children, who will certainly identify with Mole and enjoy his triumph in the end. Booklist. (Ages 4-7). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children).

Beauty and the Beast,

Jan Brett WH 398.22 Bea / PACL 398 B384bb

Marianne Mayer WH 398.22 Bea / PACL 398 B384bm

Patricia Daniels PACTerrace 398 B384bd

Generations of children have been fascinated by the story of the girl named Beauty, who grows to love a fearsome beast by learning to see and cherish his kindness, generosity, and intelligence. Book Description. (Ages 4-8).

Bein' with You This Way, W. Nikola-Lisa WH 811.54 Nik / PACL Juv Spanish 811 N693a

An exuberant story in which a little girl invites others on the playground to join in celebrating their differences in appearance; as they slide and swing, play chess and checkers, examine nature, rollerblade, run, and play leap frog, they acknowledge that they have light or dark skin, curly hair or straight, eyes of blue or brown, and so on--which may be ``perfectly remarkably strange'' but is also ``delightful, simply out-of-sightful.'' The cheerful faces and colorful outdoor scenes in Bryant's vibrant paintings harmonize so well with the bouncy rapping that children will clamor for an immediate reread. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 3-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children).

The Berenstain Bears and a Week at Grandma's, Stan and Jan Berenstain WH E Ber

Brother and Sister worry about spending a week at Gran and Gramp's house. By the end of the visit they've learned a lot from their lively grandparents--and the older bears have discovered how wonderful it is to be grandparents. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Big Bad Bruce, Bill Peet WH E Pee / PACL PB Peet

Bruce, a bear bully, never picks on anyone his own size until he is diminished in more ways than one by a small but very independent witch. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Parent Comment: bully never really learns about respect).

The Big Orange Splot, Daniel Pickwater OL E Pin

When Mr. Plumbeans' house is splashed with bright orange paint, he decides a multi-colored house would be a nice change. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

The Blind Men and the Elephant, retold by Karen Backstein OL 398.21 Bac / PACL 398 Y71s

In this favorite Indian fable, six blind men each take a turn at describing an elephant, based on the way the animal feels to the touch. Unfortunately, each man only touches one small part of the vast elephant, and each man argues his idea of what an elephant really looks like. Once a seeing person settles the disagreement, the blind men realize the importance of respecting others' interpretations. Heartwood Institute. (Ages 4-8). Reader. (Nt: concerns respecting another"s interpretation of something)

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: A Message from Chief Seattle, Susan Jeffers WH NF 814.3 Bro / PACL PB Jeffers

In the 1850's, when the US wanted to buy his people's Pacific Northwest land, Chief Seattle delivered this eloquent message to a Commissioner of Indian Affairs . . . Poetic and compelling, it's a plea to revere and preserve the web of creation: ``Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.'' Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Parent Comment: "very good book about respecting the environment).

A Brother for the Orphelines, Natalie Carlson WH F Car

When a baby is left in the orphanage's breadbasket, all the little girls hope to keep it, even though it is a boy and should be in the boys' home. IPac. (Ages 4-8).

Chrysanthemum, Kevin Henkes WH E Hen / PACL PB Henkes

Young mouse Chrysanthemum loves her name - until she starts school and finds the teasing of her peers unbearable. Then the beloved music teacher, Mrs. Delphinium Twinkle, announces that she plans to name her baby Chrysanthemum, and suddenly everyone wants to be named after a flower. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Parent Comment: "loved this book but more about respecting self").

Daisy Rothschild: The Giraffe That Lives with Me, Betty Leslie-Melville OL 599.73 Les / PACL 599.638 L637d

Leslie-Melville and her late husband Jock unintentionally became the primary preservers of the endangered Rothschild giraffe while living in Nairobi, Kenya. . . Daisy Rothschild eloquently points out the difference that just two people can make in the fight to protect endangered animals. Publisher's Weekly. (Ages 5-up).

Delilah, Carole Hart OL E Har

Ten-year-old Delilah plays basketball with the garbageman, sings with a band in the park, cries when her parents fight, and generally enjoys her life. IPac. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

Dragonfly's Tale, Kristina Rodanas WH 398.21 Rod / PACL 398 R685d

Rodanas . . . retells an ancient Zuni tale, scrupulously noting her source as an 1884 transcription that she has ``simplified...[adding] some details of my own [in] the way of storytellers.'' The result is a blend of cautionary tale and why story: Celebrating an abundant harvest, the Ashiwi stage a mock battle--literally, a food fight- -that angers the Corn Maidens; they refuse their blessings, and famine follows. Most of the people flee, but two forgotten children fashion a lovely winged creature (the first dragonfly) from a withered cornstalk. It flies to the Corn Maidens, who restore their bounty; the other villagers return, both wiser and kinder. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages: 4-10). (Parent Comment: "very good book about respecting the earth").

Effie, Beverley Allinson

Effie, an extremely loud-voiced ant, is shunned by all the insects she meets. She almost despairs of finding anyone to talk with - until her shout prevents an elephant from trampling the insects. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Not reviewed).

Fireflies!, Julie Brinckloe WH E Bri / PACL PB Brinckloe

Gazing through the window at dusk, a boy sees the brief twinkle of a firefly . . . Grabbing a jar, he rushes out to join his friends in a joyous firefly-catching ritual . Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

The First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story, Joseph Bruchac OL 398.2 Bru / PACL 398 B887f

In a Cherokee creation tale, the first man and woman quarrel, and the woman walks quickly away. Taking pity on the contrite man, the sun causes various berries to grow in order to distract the woman and slow her down, but it is only when the sun creates strawberries that she stops and makes peace with her husband. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Nt: respect nature, mentions creationism).

500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, Dr. Seuss WH E Seu / PACL PB Seuss

When Bartholomew visits town one day, selling cranberries at the market for his parents, the King's procession screeches to a halt in front of him; King Derwin then leans out of his coach, demanding to know why Bartholomew hasn't respectfully removed his hat. "But, Sire, my hat is off." He shows the king the hat in his hands that he's just doffed, but sure enough, another identical one sits atop his head. He takes that hat off only to reveal another... and another, and another, and another. (Ages 4 to 8). (Recommended in Valerie and Walter's Best Books for Children).

Frederick, Leo Lionni WH E Lio / PACL PB Lionni

The classic fable of Frederick, who supplies his fellow mice with poetry and dreams throughout the cold winter. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Honor Book 1968).

Garth Pig Steals the Show, Mary Rayner WH E Ray / PACL PB Rayner

The newest adventure of the Pig family finds the talented Pigs starting a band, which leads to the disappearance of Garth Pig and a battle of wits with their old enemy, the wolf. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

The Golden Deer, Margaret Hodges OL 398.24 Hod

In this reverent version of a Jataka tale, a magnificent stag known as the Banyan Deer goes willingly to sacrifice in place of a pregnant doe. When the king of Benares hears the deer speak, he releases it, pledging protection to its herd and to ``creatures of all kinds who live in fear of men.'' In turn, the deer agree to stay away from local farmers' fields. Long after, the Banyan Deer was reborn as the Buddha. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages: 6-8). (Not previewed).

Good As New, Barbara Douglas PACL PB Douglas

When Grady's young cousin ruins his teddy bear, Grandpa promises to fix the toy. (Ages 4-8). (Nt: about respecting property of others).

Good Days, Bad Days, Catherine Anholt OL E Anh

A wholesome look at a nuclear family of five in a wide range of activities grouped as opposites: work, play; happy, sad; dull, fun; etc. The cheerful, not-too-obtrusive message is that sun does follow rain, both literally and metaphorically, and that each has its appropriate role. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 3-8). (Not previewed).

Great Grandfather's House, Rumer Godden PACL Fiction Godden

Keiko, a spoiled and willful seven-year-old Japanese girl who has always lived in the city, is appalled when Papa and Mamma inform her that, while they go to England for three months, she will spend time in the country with Great Grandfather. Amid the tranquility and orderly ways of Great Grandfather's beautiful home, Keiko is like a little thunderstorm, but as time passes, the firmness and kindness of the people around her begin to transform her. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest, Lynne Cherry WH E Che / PACL PB Cherry

The many different animals that live in a great kapok tree in the Brazilian rainforest try to convince a man with an ax of the importance of not cutting down their home. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

The Hundred Penny Box, Sharon Mathis WH F Mat / PACL Fiction Mathis

This book tells the story of a boy and his hundred-year-old great-great-aunt in . . . a quietly intense story. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Newbery Honor Book 1976).

I Have a Sister, My Sister Is Deaf, Jeanne Peterson OL 362.42 Pet / PACL PB Peterson

A young deaf child who loves to run and jump and play is affectionately described by her older sister. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

I Like Me! Nancy Carlson OL E Car / PACL PB Carlson

Little ones in need of positive reinforcement will find it here. An exuberant pig proclaims 'I like me!' She likes the way she looks, and (all her) activities . . . when she makes a mistake she picks herself up and tries again." Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

I Wish I Were a Butterfly, James Howe WH E How / PACL PB Howe

A wise spider helps a despondent cricket realize that he is special in his own way. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Jamaica's Find, Juanita Havill OL E Hav / PACL PB Havill

Jamaica finds a stuffed dog at the playground and after taking him home discovers her conscience as well. Children Jamaica's age, struggling with the concepts of right and wrong, will undoubtedly find Jamaica's moral dilemma of great interest. Book Description. (Ages 4-8).

Johnny Appleseed, Reeve Lindbergh WH E Lin

In this evocative poem, John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, comes to life. At the age of 23, Chapman began traveling throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana planting apple trees, as gifts to the countryside and its people. He became a favorite figure of American folklore. Heartwood Institute. (Ages 4-8). (Nt: references to God and the Bible).

Just Plain Fancy, Patricia Polacco WH E Pol / PACL PB Polacco

This book illustrates what it is like to live simply among the Amish and one child's search for, and then struggle with, finding something fancy, not plain. In this book, she strays from the Amish simple ways when she discovers a stray egg (a peacock egg) in the field amidst the chicken eggs. (Ages 4-8). (Nt: mention of God).

Kylie's Song, Patty Sheehan OL E She

Kylie the koala is different: she sings, and is teased for it. Kylie's self-expression is thwarted until she leaves home and happily discovers other animals expressing themselves in music and dance. Improving her technique, Kylie returns home, thrilling her neighbors with her song. School Library Journal. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Loop the Loop, Barbara Dugan OL E Dug / PACL PB Dugan

The story of a friendship between a little girl and a feisty but increasingly forgetful neighbor in a wheelchair. Mrs. Simpson invites Anne to tea and shows her some terrific yo-yo tricks. When she's hospitalized, Anne . . . visit[s] her in a nursing home [giving] Mrs. Simpson her beloved doll. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 5-10). Reader.

Masai and I, Virginia Kroll WH E Kro / PACL PB Kroll

When a little girl learns in school about a tall, proud African people called the Masai, she discovers a sense of kinship and imagines herself living in Africa. She would live in a circle of huts in a tiny village. Instead of having a hamster as a pet, she would live among the giraffes and zebras on the African plain. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Miss Rumphius, Barbara Cooney WH E Coo / PACL PB Cooney

Deciding in childhood that she would seek adventure in faraway places, Miss Rumphius fulfills her dream and then has one more thing to do--something to make the world more beautiful. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children).

Miz Berlin Walks, Jane Yolen OL E Yol

At first Mary Louise is afraid of old Miz Berlin who walks around the block of her Virginia home, talking to herself. But once she gets close enough to listen she is spellbound by Miz Berlin's stories about the past. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not previewed).

Molly's Pilgrim, Barbara Cohen WH E Coh / PACL PB Cohen

Molly and her parents are a Jewish family who have emigrated from Russia to the United States to escape religious persecution. When Thanksgiving arrives, the teacher assigns a project to make a Pilgrim doll. Molly's mother helps her make a doll but dresses her in Russian clothes. This special doll teaches Molly's classmates that there are all kinds of pilgrims. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Moonstruck: The True Story of the Cow Who Jumped over the Moon, Gennifer Choldenko OL E Cho

His tone changing from cynical to grudgingly respectful, an old brown horse relates how, in a time when lunar jumping was solely an equine sport, a starry-eyed cow managed to catapult over the moon. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Mrs. Katz and Tush, Patricia Polacco WH E Pol / PACL PB Polacco

In this special Passover story, Larnel Moore, a young African-American boy, and Mrs. Katz, an elderly Jewish woman, develop an unusual friendship through their mutual concern for an abandoned cat named Tush. Together they explore the common themes of suffering and triumph in each of their cultures. Book Description. (Ages 4-8).

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale, John Steptoe WH 398.22 Ste/ PACL 398 S837m

This African tale evokes the Cinderella story in its portrayal of two sisters, spiteful Manyara and considerate Nyasha, and the young king who is searching for a bride. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Honor Book 1988).

My Grandpa and the Sea, Katherine Orr OL E Orr / PACL PB Orr

A poignant story of an island girl whose grandfather's living as a fisherman is ended when the larger fleets deplete the available fish. Following a period of depression, Grandpa develops a second career. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8). (Nt: several references to attending church and God).

My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken, and Me, Maya Angelou WH E Ang / PACL PB Angelou

"Hello, Stranger-Friend" begins Maya Angelou's story about Thandi, a South African Ndebele girl, her mischievous brother, her beloved chicken, and the astonishing mural art produced by the women of her tribe. With never-before-seen photographs of the very private Ndebele women and their paintings, this unique book shows the passing of traditions from parent to child and introduces young readers to a new culture through a new friend. Book Description. (Ages 4-8).

My Way Sally, Penelope Paine & Mindy Bingham OL E Bin

A little foxhound with the potential to lead the pack at the hunt someday forms a friendship with a young fox and has an adventure in Windsor Castle that set her on a course of action for leading the hounds as they've never been led before. Ipac. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Nobody Listens to Andrew, Elizabeth Guilfoile WH E Gui

When his family and neighbor finally get around to listening to Andrew, they find he really does have something important to say. IPac. (Ages 4-8). Reader.

On the Day You Were Born, Debra Frasier WH E Fra / PACL PB Frasier

In poetic language, a mother describes how both she and all of Mother Earth welcomed a new baby to the world. The descriptions show our connectedness to the natural world and encourage a respect of all life. Heartwood Institute. (Ages 4-8).

Owl Moon, Jane Yolen WH E Yol / PACL PB Yolen

Among the greatest charms of children is their ability to view a simple activity as a magical adventure. Such as a walk in the woods late at night. Jane Yolen captures this wonderment in a book whose charm rises from its simplicity. "It was late one winter night, long past my bedtime, when Pa and I went owling." The two walked through the woods with nothing but hope and each other in a journey that will fascinate many a child. (Age 4-8). (Caldecott Medal Winner 1988).

Pass the Peas Please: A Book of Manners, Dina Anastasio

Rhymed text and illustrations describe the appropriate and polite behavior for many different kinds of situations. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

The Patchwork Quilt, Valerie Flournoy WH F Flo/ PACL PB Flournoy

Tanya and her family respect her grandmother and her wish to make a quilt "from the family clothes. When Grandma becomes ill, Tanya decides to finish Grandma's masterpiece with the help of her family." Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Nt: religious reference).

Pepito's Story, Eugene Fern OL E Fer

All the children in the fishing village love to fish and swim, but not Pepito. All he wants to do is dance. Unfortunately, that means he is a lonely outcast. But when the mayor's daughter becomes ill, it is Pepito's lovely, spirited dancing that makes her feel better. Everyone looks at Pepito with new respect. Heartwood Institute. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Perfect Pigs: An Introduction to Manners, Marc Brown OL 395.12 Bro / PACL 395 B879p

A simple introduction to good manners to use with family, friends, at school, during meals, with pets, on the phone, during games, at parties, and in public places. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Parent Comment: "very appropriate introduction to good manners and showing respect for others").

Please! Janine Amos

Good manners make life pleasant for all of us. They show that we care about people and their needs. These entertaining books show children the effects of good and bad manners, and help them learn why they should respect other people, their privacy and their property. Each book features 3 simple stories which show children interacting with others. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Pot Luck, Tobi Tobias

When Sophie telephones, Gram urges her to come to dinner ``today''--but ``you'll have to take pot luck.'' Gram defines the term for Rachel, then (to Rachel's puzzlement) spends the day shopping, preparing a festive meal, and tidying the house. The two women--whose friendship goes back to Poland, where it weathered the period when the boys ``were all after Sophie first''--spend a happy evening chatting, Rachel comfortably included. Still, she's puzzled, so as she and Gram snuggle into bed, Gram explains: ``A woman like Sophie don't feed last night's stew.'' Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Prize in the Snow, Bill Easterling

Wanting to trap an animal or a bird, a boy carefully takes his homemade trap into the woods and baits it with a carrot. However, when a starving rabbit hops into the trap to eat the carrot, the boy deals with it in a humanitarian way. Horn Book. (Ages 5-8). (Not previewed).

The Quarreling Book, Charlotte Zolotow WH E Zol / PACL PB Zolotow

Gruffness and anger is passed along from person to person until a little dog starts a chain of happiness that reverses the trend. [A] pleasant picture book [that touches on] emotional maturity. Book Description. (Ages 4-8). (Parent Comment: "short, delightful book").

Red Fox and his Canoe, Nathaniel Benchley WH E Ben / PACL Juv Reader Fict Ben

A father respects his son's wishes for a bigger canoe. (Ages 4-8). Reader. . (Parent Comment: "a simple, interesting tale").

A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History, Lynne Cherry WH NF 974.44 Che / PACL PB Cherry

A pictorial history of Massachusetts and New Hampshire's Nashua River, from its valley's settlement 7,000 years ago by ``Indian peoples'' until its recent reclamation. An introductory note summarizes pivotal changes: the arrival of the English; industrialization; and the successful effort, begun in the 60's and largely credited to activist Marion Stoddart, to clean up the river and restore its wildlife. Contrasts--e.g., between the lush valley the Native Americans found and the dying river, sluggishly running red with dye and pulp from a paper mill--are dramatically telling. An important, intelligently presented story that is emblematic of the need for myriad similar conservation efforts.Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 6-10). (Nt: respect for the environment).

Sally Arnold, Cheryl Ryan

When Jenny spends the summer in the country, it seems everywhere she goes she sees a scary-looking old woman wandering around collecting things. At first Jenny is a little afraid of Sally, imagining her to be a witch in search of things to put in her magic spells. But soon Jenny's curiosity gets the better of her, and she sets out to see what Sally does with all the junk she collects. Sally surprises her by inviting her in and teaching her how to make a gathering basket from cattails and an old broom. . . The book will be helpful for promoting the benefits that friendships with an elderly neighbor or relative have to offer. Booklist. (Ages 5-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not previewed).

Sassafras, Stephen Cosgrove

A sassy little elephant, who irritates others by imitating everything they say, hears in an echo how unkind she sounds. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Sing a Song of Popcorn: Every Child's Book of Poems (poems "Politeness" by AA Milne and "We Must Be Polite" by Carl Sandburg) WH NF 808.81 Sin / PACL 808.81 S617

Nine Caldecott medalists are represented here, including Maurice Sendak, Arnold Lobel, and Leo and Diane Dillon. This meaty selection of more than 100 poems includes many old favorites such as "The Gingerbread Man" by Rowena Bennett and poems by A.A. Milne and e.e. cummings, as well as limericks, humorous verse, and contributions from many cultures. (Ages 4 to 9). (Parent Comment: "excellent anthology of poetry for children").

Smoky Night, Eve Bunting WH E Bun / PACL PB Bunting

Standing well back from their window, Daniel and his mama watch looters steal TVs and break into Kim's market. When it quiets down the two fall asleep, only to be roused: their building is burning, so they escape, through ravaged streets, to a shelter. Though Bunting offers no reasons for the violence, she succinctly describes the mob's psychology. Mama explains, ``...people get angry. They want to smash and destroy. They don't care anymore what's right...After a while it's like a game,'' while Daniel observes, ``They look angry. But they look happy, too.'' The story is rounded out with a touch of reconciliation: Mama has't patronized Kim's market (``'s better if we buy from our own people'') but, after Daniel's cat and Mrs. Kims' make friends at the shelter, the people realize that they, too, could be friendly. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Medal Winner 1995). (Nt: could be frightening for younger children).

Stellaluna, Janell Cannon WH E Can / PACL PB Cannon

After Stellaluna accidently lands in a bird's nest, the birds raise the baby fruit bat as one of their own, and when she is finally reunited with her mother, she appreciates both her differences and her new friendships. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

The Story of Ferdinand, Munro Leaf WH E Lea / PACL PB Leaf

Ferdinand's mother respects her son's wishes not to fight. "The Story of Ferdinand is one of the bestselling children's books of all time, and the bull who preferred sitting under the cork tree and smelling flowers to fighting has become a hero to generations of children." Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

The Straight Line Wonder, Mem Fox OL E Fox

Weary of being straight, a line goes off ``jumping in humps, twirling in whirls, pointing his joints, and springing in rings.'' Friends chase after, begging him to ``Stay straight, silly!'' because ``People will stare!''--but when his gyrations blow the beret off a famous film director, off he goes to fame and fortune. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 6-8). (Not previewed).

Strega Nona, Tomie dePaola WH E deP

Strega Nona -- "Grandma Witch" -- is the source for potions, cures, magic, and comfort in her Calabrian town. Her magical everfull pasta pot is especially intriguing to hungry Big Anthony. He is supposed to look after her house and tend her garden but one day, when she goes over the mountain to visit Strega Amelia, Big Anthony recites the magic verse over the pasta pot, with disastrous results. Book Description. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Honor Book 1976).

Terry and the Caterpillars, Millicent Selsam (Ages 4-8). WH NF 595 Sel

A young girl finds some caterpillars, keeps them in jars and feeds them, and then she sees the caterpillars make cocoons and moths emerge from the cocoons. IPac. (Ages 4-8).

Thank You, Brother Bear, Hans Baumann OL E Bau

Young Chip does not like to hunt like his older brothers; he loves the animals too much to hurt them. When Chip's younger sister becomes ill, it is his appreciative animal brothers who help Chip obtain medicine for her. Heartwood Institute. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Three Stalks of Corn, Leo Politi WH E Pol

Angelica learns the importance of the three stalks of corn her grandmother tends so carefully in their small city yard. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

Thy Friend, Obadiah, Brinton Turkle WH E Tur / PAMP PB Turkle

Obadiah, a young Quaker boy living in colonial Nantucket, is constantly followed by a sea gull that he wishes would leave him alone. When it does leave, he wants it back. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Honor Book 1970).

Tiger, Judy Allen PACL PB Allen

Somewhere in Asia, a well-known hunter travels to young Lee's village in search of a rumored tiger. The villagers wish the hunter well, extolling the virtues of tiger meat, hoping to share in the profits from the sale of its skin -- except Lee, who wishes the hunter bad luck in his hunting. Vivid imagery in both art and text reveal the hunter to be a photographer, shooting the tiger's every move with his telephoto lens. The book's powerful message of the beauty and plight of the endangered tiger is tastefully presented. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

Too Short Fred, Susan Meddaugh OL E Med

Five episodes about an undersized cat who though short is undaunted. IPac. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

The Ugly Duckling, Hans Christian Anderson WH 398.24 Ugl / PACL 398 A544uv, uh, upi

For over one hundred years The Ugly Duckling has been a childhood favorite . . .The journey of the awkward little bird -- marching bravely through hecklers, hunters, and cruel seasons --- is an unforgettable survival story; this blooming into a graceful swan is a reminder of the patience often necessary to discover true happiness. Book Description. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Honor Book 2000 -- Pinkey version).

The Village of Round and Square Houses, Ann Grifalconi WH 398.29 Gri / PACL 398 G849v

The story of the village of Tos--where the women live in round houses and the men live in square ones--is told from the point of view of a young girl who grew up there. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Caldecott Honor Book 1987).

Walter the Wolf, Marjorie Sharmat OL E Sha / PAMP PB Sharmat

Tired of being perfect and never using his perfectly matched fangs, Walter the wolf yields to temptation. IPac. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Welcoming Babies, Margy Burns Knight OL 392.12 Kni / PACL PB Knight

Everyone marvels at babies: parents, grandparents, siblings, even other babies are fascinated by babies! Now available in paperback, "Welcoming Babies" visits with people around the globe and looks at the diverse ways they treasure new life. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

What's Under My Bed, James Stevenson WH E Ste / PACL PB Stevenson

The grandfather is respectful of the children's fear of the dark. (Ages 4-8).

Who Owns the Sun? Stephen Chbosky OL E Chb

Having learned from the father he admires so much that the world is filled with things too special for any one person to own, a boy is upset to hear that he and his father are owned by the man in the big house where they work. IPac. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, Mem Fox WH E Fox / PACL PB Fox

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, a rather small boy, lives next door to a nursing home in which resides Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper, his favorite friend, because she has four names as well. When Miss Nancy "loses" her memory, the intrepid Wilfrid sets out to find it for her. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children).

William's Doll, Charlotte Zolotow WH E Zol / PACL PB Zolotow

Nonconforming William's heart is set on a doll; his father and brother are set against it. William gets his wish, and readers get a satisfying story that takes a gentle swipe at sexism. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

Window, Jeanie Baker WH E Bak / PACL PB Baker

The story in this wordless book is told through the outdoor scene viewed over time from one child's bedroom window. Initially, a mother holding her infant son gazes out at the lush Australian bush; as the boy gets older, civilization swallows up the wilderness. Horn Book. (Ages 4-8).

Wolf's Chicken Stew, Keiko WH E Kai / PACL PB Keiko

In an effort to fatten up Mrs. Chicken for his delicious stew, Wolf unwittingly makes some new friends. Ingram. (Ages 4-8).

The Woman Who Outshone the Sun: The Legend of Lucia Zenteno, Alejandro Cruz Martinez OL 398.21 Cru / PACL Juv Spanish 398.2 C957w

From a poem by Alejandro Cruz Martinez. In this retelling of a Mexican legend, a beautiful, strange newcomer is feared by the villagers. When they drive her away, the river, which has fallen in love with the woman's beauty, leaves with her. Thus the villagers learn the high cost of intolerance. The tale is told in both English and Spanish. Horn Book (Ages 6-8). (Not previewed).

Zippity Zoom, Stephen Cosgrove

Zippity is the fastest Zoom, but he's so fast he misses all the wonderful things around him. When he meets a turtle who finally teaches him to slow down, he learns to enjoy all of life's pleasures. Ingram. (Ages 4-8). (Not previewed).

Ages 9-12

Alan and Naomi, Myron Levoy OL F Lev / PACL Fiction Levoy

When Naomi, a refugee child from Nazi-occupied Paris who acts crazy, moves into Alan Silvermans building in New York, he does his best to avoid her. They slowly develop a deep and touching friendship [which] is a joy [in] this warming story with its heart-wrenching ending. One of the more honest approaches to the repercussions of WW II. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Black Beauty, Anna Sewell WH F Sew / PACL Fiction Sewell

BLACK BEAUTY is a well-bred colt, trained to be a gentleman's horse. After a careless accident scars him, Beauty is sold again and again, each time descending lower on the social scales of horse and man. At the last moment he is saved from the knacker by the intervention of two kindly ladies who purchase him. The book ends with Beauty being assured that his life from that point on will be full and content. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Black Stallion, Walter Farley WH F Far / PACL Fiction Farley

A shipwreck leaves young Alec stranded on a deserted island with a wild stallion. Dependent on each other for survival, boy and horse learn to trust and love each other as they establish an amazing friendship that lasts a lifetime. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

The Blue and the Gray, Eve Bunting WH E Bun

[An] account of an unnamed Civil War battle framed within a present-day story of two young boys, one black, one white, whose new homes are being constructed within view of an unmarked battlefield. As the two boys, fast friends, explore their new homesites, they learn about the tragic loss of life that happened there in that war of ``us against us . . . the saddest kind of war there is.'' Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 7-10). (Nt: references war and death).

The Cabin Faced West, Jean Fritz WH F Fri / PACL Juv Fiction Fritz

A satisfying story which conveys some of the loneliness, despair, and hardships of pioneer life. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Charlotte's Web, E. B. White WH F Whi / PACL Fiction White

One of the classics of children's literature, this widely read tale takes place on a farm in Maine and concerns a pig named Wilbur and his devoted friend Charlotte, the spider who manages to save his life by writing words in her web. The Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Newbery Honor Book 1953).

Come Back, Salmon: How a Group of Dedicated Kids Adopted Pigeon Creek and Brought It Back to Life, Molly Cone WH NF 639.3 Con / PACL 639.37 C747c

An inspiring story of young scientists in action, featured on Nova: how schoolchildren in Everett, Washington, worked with their teachers to clean up Pigeon Creek and reclaim it as a salmon spawning ground. Candid color photos of boys and girls of several ethnic groups, plus a text based on recorded conversations with the kids, lend drama and immediacy; additional scientific facts (e.g., how salmon scales tell the age of the fish; how salmon build a nest or ``redd'') appear in boxes. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 10-12).(Not previewed).

Daisy Rothschild: The Giraffe That Lives with Me, Betty Leslie-Melville OL 599.73 Les / PACL 599.638 L637d

Leslie-Melville and her late husband Jock unintentionally became the primary preservers of the endangered Rothschild giraffe while living in Nairobi, Kenya. . . Daisy Rothschild eloquently points out the difference that just two people can make in the fight to protect endangered animals. Publisher's Weekly. (Ages 5-up).

Every Living Thing, Cynthia Rylant PACL Juv Fiction Rylant

Here are twelve deeply moving short stories from the perceptive pen of Cynthia Rylant. Each captures the moment when someone's life changes -- when an animal causes a human being to see things in a different way, and, perhaps, changes his life. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie and Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not previewed).

Free to Be . . . You and Me, Marlo Thomas PACL Fiction Free

The Los Angeles Times notes that it "challenged racial, sexist, and economic stereotypes for children ... became a beloved national bestseller--and made it okay for boys to have dolls and girls to be good at sports.". . . Indeed, the concepts espoused by this book go beyond what is glibly referred to as "politically correct," and offer a simple, hopeful vision for humanity. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

The Friendship, Mildred Taylor OL F Tay / PACL Fiction Taylor

It's hot and humid in 1933 Mississippi, when an elderly black man and a white store owner test their friendship against a backdrop of racism and peer pressure. An explosive confrontation takes place when the black man, Tom Bee, greets the clerk, John Wallace, by his first name--an intimacy unheard of at the time. A group of witnesses heckles Wallace for what they perceive as his permissiveness, and in spite of his private promise to Bee to allow him to greet him this way, Wallace betrays Bee, shooting him in the leg. This brief but poignant story won the 1988 Coretta Scott King Award. It provides strong characterization as well as food for discussion on racism and human relations. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

From Miss Ida's Porch, Sandra Belton

"You can know where you're going in this world only if you know where you've been!'' Addressing adults as much as children, the narrator fondly recalls the sights and sounds of her neighborhood, especially Miss Ida's porch, a ``telling place'' where one summer night she heard old Mr. Fisher recall the time Duke Ellington himself came to stay because no hotel in town would have him. Another neighbor remembers hearing Marian Anderson sing at the Lincoln Memorial; a third, her farewell concert at Constitution Hall 25 years later. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 7-10). (Not previewed).

Greek Myths, Olivia Coolidge WH 292.08c / PACL 292 C774g

From the terror of Medusa and the Minotaur to the Labors of Heracles and journeys of Theseus, the stories in this collection have thrilled and enthralled people for centuries with their high drama, hazardous quests, and unforgettable characters (both mortal and immortal). Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Hands Around the World: 365 Creative Ways to Encourage Cultural Awareness and Global Respect, Susan Milord WH NF 306 Mil / PACL Juv Teacher's Shelf 372.21 M661h

This bestselling author invites children to experience, taste, and embrace the daily lives of children from the far corners of the earth--as they plant and grow, write and tell stories, draw and craft, cook and eat, sing and dance, and learn to live in an atmosphere of global respect and cultural awareness. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Hello My Name is Scrambled Eggs, Jamie Gilson WH F Gil / PACL Juv Fiction Gilson

When his folks host a Vietnamese family that has come to settle in their town, Harvey enjoys Americanizing twelve-year-old Tuan. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Henry Huggins, Beverly Cleary WH F Cle / PACL Fiction Cleary

Henry Huggins feels that nothing very interesting ever happens to him. But from the moment a stray dog in the drugstore begs for a taste of his ice-cream cone and downs it in one gulp, everything is different. Henry names the dog Ribsy and decides to keep him. Before Henry even reaches home with Ribsy he spends all of his money, gets kicked off three buses, and enjoys a hair-raising ride in a police car. And that's only the beginning of Henry's exciting new life! Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Homer Price, Robert McCloskey WH F McC / PACL Fiction McCloskey

Six episodes in the life of Homer Price including one in which he and his pet skunk capture four bandits and another about a donut machine on the rampage. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

It's Like This, Cat, Emily Neville WH F Nev / PACL Fiction Neville

Fourteen-year-old Dav and his father do not always agree on things, such as when Dave chooses to get a cat instead a dog, yet with the help of the cat and some of his friends, their understanding of each other finally begins to develop. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Medal Winner 1964). (Not previewed).

A Light in the Attic (poem "Ations"), Shel Silverstein WH NF 811.54 Sil / PACL 811 S587L

Silverstein's book . . . deserves to be placed along-side Mother Goose. Popular with adults and youngsters alike, the poetry encompasses satires, limericks, ballads, questions, tall stories, ridiculous situations, and a deft way with language. Ingram. (Ages 9-12).

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C. S. Lewis WH F Lew / PACL Fiction Lewis

Four English schoolchildren find their way through the back of a wardrobe into the magical land of Narnia, where they come to the aid of Aslan, the golden lion, in his battle against the White Witch, who has cursed the land with eternal winter. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Loving the Earth: A Sacred Landscape Book for Children, Fredric Lehrman OL 574.5 Leh

This collection of stunning artwork and photographs and easy-to-read text is designed both to teach children about the wonderful planet we live on and to inspire awe and respect for the sacredness of this mother planet Earth. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, Robert O'Brian WH F O'Bri / PACL Fiction O'Brian

When mouse widow Mrs. Frisby needs advice on how to move her children safely, she consults the rats who live under the rosebush. Not only do they help her, they tell her of their escape from a laboratory where experimentation had made them literate, and of the brave death of her husband. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Medal Winner 1972). (Not previewed).

My Brother Stevie, Eleanor Clymer OL F Cly

An unmanageable younger brother makes life difficult for his sister until a sympathetic school teacher befriends and helps them both. IPac. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Nobody's Family is Going to Change, Louise Fitzhugh WH F Fitz / PACL Fiction Fitzhugh

Through a series of family disagreements over her seven-year-old brother's efforts to become a dancer and her own determination to be a lawyer, eleven-year-old Emma realizes that it is up to children to take the initiative since parents rarely change. IPac. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Ordinary Splendors: Tales of Virtues and Wisdoms, Toni Knapp

These uplifting tales of honor, bravery, loyalty, determination, responsibility and love reveal cultural beliefs that are universal. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

A Promise is a Promise, Robert Munsch OL E Mun / PACL PB Munsch

On the first nice day of spring, Allashua decides to go fishing on the sea ice even though her mother warns her of the Quallupilluit. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History, Lynne Cherry WH NF 974.44 Che / PACL PB Cherry

A pictorial history of Massachusetts and New Hampshire's Nashua River, from its valley's settlement 7,000 years ago by ``Indian peoples'' until its recent reclamation. An introductory note summarizes pivotal changes: the arrival of the English; industrialization; and the successful effort, begun in the 60's and largely credited to activist Marion Stoddart, to clean up the river and restore its wildlife. Contrasts--e.g., between the lush valley the Native Americans found and the dying river, sluggishly running red with dye and pulp from a paper mill--are dramatically telling. An important, intelligently presented story that is emblematic of the need for myriad similar conservation efforts. Kirkus Reviews. (Ages 6-10). (Not previewed).

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Mildred Taylor WH F Tay / PACL Fiction Taylor

Why is the land so important to Cassie's family? It takes the events of one turbulent year--the year of the night riders and the burnings, the year a white girl humiliates Cassie in public simply because she is black--to show Cassie that having a place of their own is the Logan family's lifeblood. It is the land that gives the Logans their courage and pride, for no matter how others may degrade them, the Logans possess something no one can take away. Book Description. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Medal Winner 1977). (Not previewed).

Sarah Plain and Tall, Patricia MacLachlan WH F Mac / PACL Fict MacLachlan

In the late 19th century a widowed midwestern farmer with two children--Anna and Caleb--advertises for a wife. When Sarah arrives she is homesick for Maine, especially for the ocean which she misses greatly. The children fear that she will not stay, and when she goes off to town alone, young Caleb--whose mother died during childbirth--is stricken with the fear that she has gone for good. But she returns with colored pencils to illustrate for them the beauty of Maine, and to explain that, though she misses her home, "the truth of it is I would miss you more." The tale gently explores themes of abandonment, loss and love. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Medal Winner 1986).

Soup, Robert Peck WH F Pec / PACL Fiction Peck

With over a dozen books now in the Soup series, Peck started it all with this hilarious account of nonstop mischief and timeless friendship. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Soup and Me, Robert Peck WH F Pec / PACL Fiction Peck

The further adventures and misadventures of Rob and Soup, two boys growing up in a small Vermont town. IPac. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Summer of the Swans, Betsy Byars WH F Bya / PACL Fiction Byars

The longest day in the life of a 14-year-old girl -- the summer day her loved, mentally retarded brother is lost, the day she discovers compassion is a friend. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Medal Winner 1971). (Not previewed).

Thank You, M'am, Langston Hughes

A teenager named Roger sets out to steal a purse. But when he snatches the handbag of Luella Bates Washington Jones, he gets more than he bargained for. Mrs. Jones hauls Roger to her home where she feeds him dinner, gives him some money -- and a second chance to straighten out his life. Heartwood Institute. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

The Trumpet of the Swan, E. B. White WH F Whi / PACL Fiction White

The book is considered a classic of children's literature. White's version of the ugly duckling story involves a mute swan named Louis who becomes a famous jazz trumpet player to compensate for his lack of a natural voice. Aided by his father, who steals a trumpet for him, and by Sam Beaver, an 11-year-old human friend, Louis is able to attract a mate and eventually to return to the wilderness. The Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

Understood Betsy, Dorothy Fisher OL F Fis / PACL F Fisher

Sent to live with her rough-mannered cousins in Vermont, nine-year-old Elizabeth Ann accepts the challenge of her new life and begins a triumphant journey of self-discovery. Ingram. (Ages 8-12). (Not reviewed). (Nt: respecting nature.)

What Good Is a Cactus? Peter Marchand

Poco, the little scientist, sets off on a journey to answer the question, "What good is a cactus?" Along the way he discovers that those spiny, fearsome desert plants are filled with life-giving resources. A charming introduction to the desert ecosystem. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Not previewed).

When Stories Fell Like Shooting Stars, Valiska Gregory

Two original, allegorical tales demonstrate different options for action in the real world. In the first, the sun falls to earth, and Fox covers it with a cloth, announcing that from now on he will control day and night. Weasel and Crow dispute Fox's power, divide the animals into factions, and begin a war that ends with a scorched earth and a forgotten sun. In the second story, Bear finds the moon fallen to earth. He and the other animals work together to return it to the sky and, later, listen to the story of what they did. Book List. (Ages 9-12). (Recommended in Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children). (Not previewed).

The Whipping Boy, Sid Fleischman WH F Fle / PACL Fiction Fleischman

A bratty prince and his whipping boy inadvertently change places after becoming involved with dangerous outlaws. Ingram. (Ages 9-12). (Newbery Medal Winner 1987). (Not previewed).

Ages 13 and up

Felicia the Critic, Ellen Conford WH F Con / PAMP Fiction Conford

Felicia has a knack for recognizing things that are wrong--and she has no qualms about voicing her opinions to anyone within earshot. When her well-intentioned suggestions land her in hot water with her family and friends, Felicia decides to button her critical lips forever. Ingram. (Ages: Young Adult). (Not previewed).

* We have not yet had the chance to read all the books recommended, so you might to pre-read the selections if you are concerned about content. Of those we have read, we added a notation if we thought the theme might pose some problems for you (such as death, capital punishment, or discussion of the topic in the context of a religious holiday).

Books marked WH are in our library, OL in other Palo Alto School District libraries, PACL at the Palo Alto Children's Library, PAMain at Palo Alto Main Library and PAMP at Palo Alto Mitchell Park Library.