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Walter Hays Community Letter - 9/25/2020

Dear Walter Hays Families and Staff,

Happy Friday!

Today I want to share information about the two options that each family will be asked to choose for their students when school reopens on

October 12, beginning with our youngest students Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

To begin, all the information below can be found on the PAUSD Website: Return to Campus Roadmap- Here is the link: (click here). If you have not yet had an opportunity to read this document, I want to encourage you to review it as it contains information on Health and Safety, Class Instruction and Schedules, Facilities and Transportation, and Governance.

Here is information about the instructional models the district is offering for families to select:


  • In-person instruction will occur through an A/B Cohort Schedule: half of the class cohort attends school each day for Grades 1-5; and Kindergarten - half of the class in a.m., and half in p.m. Each Wednesday the cohorts will alternate attendance Grades 1-5.

  • When student cohorts are on their non-school site days, they will work asynchronously from instructional links that will be posted on the class Schoology page. Parents and/or caregivers will support students asynchronously for the majority of the day, with an synchronous session with their classroom teacher at the end of each day.

  • Asynchronous options may include the following: Lexia individualized prescription, Dreambox, Social Studies, Science, Teachers College Reading, Writing and Phonics mini lessons, Art, and Dance (K-3).

  • Staggered breaks are scheduled for recess and lunch to maintain separation of student cohorts.

  • Please see the complete safety measures in the Roadmap (Link included above). Some of those will include 1) Cleaning and Protocols for bathrooms, play structures, classrooms, etc.; 2) clear plastic desk shield dividers for each student in class; 3) Hygiene practices for all students and staff; 4) PPE guidelines and use for students and staff; 5) Daily Symptom Screening for students and staff; 6) as well as Air Ventilation information.


  • Designed for families who wish to keep their children in full distance learning for the year.

  • Families encouraged and resources provided to maintain a connection to the assigned school.

  • Students receive supplemental services from their assigned school as practicable; i.e., IEP services, Tier 2, EL, Counseling, etc.

  • The classes sizes are capped at: Kindergarten - 22 students; 1st Grade - 24 students; 2nd and 3rd Grade - 25 students; 4th and 5th Grade - 26 students.

Schedule sample

Schedule sample

In either instructional model scenario we cannot be sure that you will be able to keep your child's current teacher. It really depends on the number of students in each group. Some teachers may need to move to FDL, while others will stay in Hybrid.

Students will be assigned a cohort as unfortunately, no elementary school is able to take requests for specific cohorts. However, siblings will be kept in the same cohort.

I want to assure each of you that selecting either Hybrid or Full Distance Learning is your choice to do what is best for your family. There is no judgement from anyone on the choice you make. This is an opportunity for each of us to practice Empathy, Inclusion, Respect and understanding for all during this very challenging time. Each family is a part of the wonderful Walter Hays Community no matter what decision you make. We will do all in our power to maintain the great community we are, by communicating regularly with you through newsletters and information that will be shared on our webpage.

Thank you all for your support and partnership. You are a fantastic community. Have a healthy, safe, restful and enjoyable weekend!


Principal Mary