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Walter Hays Community Letter - 11/6/2020

Dear Walter Hays Families 🍁,

We are excited to welcome the 4th and 5th Grade Students to both the Hybrid "In Person" and Full Distance Learner classrooms. Our staff is prepared for these upper grade students' arrivals on campus and virtually this Monday, November 9 and have implemented many health and safety measures on our campus. Kindergarten - 3rd Grades have enjoyed the last several weeks of successful learning in their new classes! Teachers appreciate welcoming all students and building their classroom communities!

The Walter Hays Safety and Health Protocols For ALL:

(See attached Walter Hays Health and Safety Protocols)

Campus Safety Measures:

  • HVAC systems in all classrooms have been tested and pass state regulations for air ventilation including the use of air purifiers and MERV 13 filters in HVAC systems.
  • Distance markers exist in all classrooms and outside classroom doors to indicate social distance.
  • Tables and structures disinfected daily.
  • A special room has been established to separate students with illness.
  • Playground zones will facilitate social distance

Masks Are A Must:

  • You can use your own masks. Please label your child's masks with a Sharpie!

Handwashing is essential:

  • Signage showing how to wash hands is posted in every classroom and bathroom.
  • Portable hand washing stations have been placed in the Kinderyard, near Room 12 and by the lunch tables.
  • Handwashing time has been built into the schedule before and after each recess and lunch period and throughout the day.

Social Distancing:

  • Our classrooms are arranged to support social distancing. Teachers will also stay social distanced from students as much as possible.

Recess and Snack:

  • All benches and structures are disinfected each morning before school begins.
  • Students will play in their class cohorts.
  • Student cohorts will play in one of 10 zones each week. Zones will rotate in a daily schedule. Bench seats will be assigned with a maximum of two students per bench in each zone.
  • All equipment is disinfected daily.


  • Students will sit at assigned seats and wash hands after eating.
  • A vegetarian lunch with white milk will be made available to every student. Please let your child's teacher know if you'd rather that they eat lunches from home.
  • Students will wash hands after recess before entering the classroom.
  • Restrooms: One student at a time in their assigned cohort.

Sharing of Items at School:

  • All students will have their own set of supplies, books, and materials.
  • There will be minimal sharing of items with the exception of play equipment that is shared only by students in each cohort and then sanitized daily.
  • We also ask that no items are brought from home to be shared at school including birthday treats. We will happily celebrate at school!

COVID19 Preparedness:

  • If a student doesn't feel well. Staff call the office and the student is safely escorted to an evaluation area.
  • If the student has a physical injury they will be treated in the office nurse's room.
  • If they exhibit one of the indicators on the COVID screener, they will be safely escorted to a separate room, parents will be called for immediate pick-up, and testing will be required.
  • If the student has not been exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID and they have a doctor's note stating that their symptoms were non-covid related, the child can return to school upon resolution of the symptoms (including at least 24 hours fever-free without medication).

Student Returning to Campus Monday, November 9:

  1. Hybrid "In Person" Schedule Kindergarten and Grades 1-5:

This Wednesday is Veterans Day Holiday and Thanksgiving Break is in a few weeks, please see the cohort change in schedule listed below. Based on that factor, the following Wednesdays will apply for the individual cohorts:

Cohort A upcoming Wednesday schedule: 11/18, 12/9

Cohort B upcoming Wednesday schedule: 12/2, 12/16

  1. Daily Health Screening: Welcome to ParentSquare!

The daily health screening process for students returning to campus will be completed in a system called ParentSquare. Parents can access the daily screener by logging into the ID Portal ( and clicking on the ParentSquare icon.

  1. Entering and Exiting the Walter Hays Campus:

(See color map on page 2 of the Walter Hays Health and Safety Protocols document attached to this email):

To conform to recent guidelines, PAUSD is creating a temporary campus zoning program designed to maintain a safer and healthier academic environment. The aerial map below shows Walter Hays' newly identified Academic Zones. A single entry/exit point has been identified for each student classroom cohort. Social distancing markers "paw prints" are placed outside each of the entrances, please remain at least 6 feet apart from other families dropping off students.

Everyone entering the Walter Hays campus must wear a mask at all times.

Please maintain social distance of at least 6 feet apart as students enter, walking to and exiting campus for health and safety.

Parents walk their students to the gates and entry point only. Students will then walk to their classrooms. Thank you for your cooperation!

  1. Student Entry and Exit Paths:

Kindergarten Entry:Kindergarten students will enter through the Rinconada Park gate. Parking is available along Hopkins Avenue. Parents will drop off students to the teacher at the gate.

1st Grade:Students will enter through the front entrance driveway or along the pathway adjacent to the Junior Museum wood fence that leads to the front of the school. Parents will drop off and the teacher will meet the students as they line up on the "paw prints" along Rooms 17 and 18.

2nd Grade:Students will enter from the front school entrance sidewalk and make a right turn before reaching the office, walking along the outside path in front of classrooms 5, 6, 7, then entering the classroom.

3rd and 4th Grades: Students will enter through the Embarcadero and Middlefield school gate and walk to their classrooms.

5th Grade: Students will enter through the Rinconada Park gate between Room 23 and 24 to access Rooms 25 and 26. Students can park and lock their bikes near that entrance.

Please do not drop off students from your car onto the Middlefield Road sidewalk. Instead, pull into the Walter Hays driveway and drop you students safely at the curb.

The entrance and exit pathways may seem like extra walking to you, however we ask for your cooperation as we spread the number of students out entering from all directions to maintain social distance. This is a very important factor in keeping all people safe and healthy and ask that you follow these directions.

  1. Monday Morning, November 9 Entering Campus for All Hybrid Students:
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Complete the Student Self Screener by 7:55am. This will be completed through the ParentSquare application, located on your RapidID Parent Portal ( Information above and in the WH Health and Safety document attached.
  • A report to our staff is generated at 8:00 a.m. each morning. If you have not completed the screener by that time you will stopped at the school entrances to complete a paper screener with staff before entering campus since they must be completed prior to students being admitted to campus and class.
  • Any person answering "Yes" to any of the four questions are to stay home.
  • Entrances to school will open by a staff member at 8:15 a.m. Please do not arrive earlier to school, as student supervision will begin at that time.
  • Students need to wait on paw prints outside their classroom.
  • To keep all students safe, please note there is no playing on structures or courts before school.
  • Students may ride their bicycles to school and lock their bikes on racks provided near classrooms.
  • School begins promptly at 8:25 a.m.

The success of "In Person" Hybrid Learning model is dependent on every person doing their part to protect our community. Walter Hays and PAUSD staff have worked diligently to make our school environment safe so that your children remain healthy. We will practice vigilance, social distancing, and careful use of PPE.

Your partnership will be needed. Please support our expectations from home as you answer the daily health screener as honestly as you would want a fellow parent in the class to do.

I am looking forward to seeing you all, on Monday morning at 8:35 for the Principal LiveStream Broadcast. The link will be sent Monday morning by 8:00 a.m.

It is getting chilly outside, so bundle up! 💨 Have a healthy and safe weekend!


Principal Mary