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Walter Hays Community Letter - 10/30/2020

Dear Walter Hays Community,

Happy Halloween! It has been so wonderful to see students both in person and in Zoom meetings dressed up and celebrating Halloween with their classes! Of course, we miss holding our annual Halloween costume parade and we hope that it will be possible to resume it next year!

Halloween Activities πŸŽƒ

I have attached the Santa Clara County Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos Safety Guidance on this email. There are some creative ideas which help the students celebrate this fun day. We hope that all families will be mindful of their interactions with others tomorrow.

Extracurricular Activities ⚽️ πŸ€ 🏸 β›Έ β›· 🏊🏽 🀽🏽 πŸ‡πŸ½ 🎭 🎨 🚴 🀾🏼 🀸 🎾 🏐

As we welcome more students back to campus, please be sure to limit the number of outside, extracurricular activities that your child participates in as your children return to the Hybrid learning plan. Not only is this safety measure for your family, but for our entire Walter Hays community.

Please reference Santa Clara County Mandatory Directive (Item 2):

Children/youth may participate in only one program at a time and may not move from one program to another more than once every three weeks.

This means:

  1. Children/youth cannot attend more than one childcare program, after-school program, or other child/youth activity within the same three-week period.
  2. For children/youth enrolled in K-12 school, this means they can attend school and one additional before- or after-school program or activity.
  3. Programs are responsible for maintaining enrollment and attendance records, and should verify families' compliance with these restrictions to the extent feasible.

Please consider the Santa Clara County directives and school guidelines when planning extracurricular activities for your children. Our community depends on each other to maintain good health and staying safe! Thank you for your partnership!

Have a good weekend. Happy Halloween! πŸŽƒ


Principal Mary