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General Information

Bulletin Boards

There are bulletin boards posted outside every classroom as well as next to the office and in the corridor outside the multi-purpose room. Check these boards for information about special events and activities.

Middlefield-Embarcadero Sign

There is a marquee sign on the corner of Middlefield and Embarcadero, which lists upcoming special events.


The Walter Hays PTA publishes a monthly newsletter which contains important information about school activities and special events. The Wildcat is sent home electronically and is also available in the office.


Our school has a distribution list available to all staff, parents, and members of the community interested in our school. To subscribe or unsubscribe. You should be joining HaysAll as well as each of your child(ren)'s grade level groups.

Hot Lunch

Hot lunch is available every school day. Menus are available in the office or online. Income eligibility guidelines for reduced price meals are available from the District Food Services office. Note: Students are not to leave school grounds during lunch without written permission.

Lost & Found

Small items found at school, such as keys, glasses, etc., will be kept in the school office. Larger items and clothing may be found in front of the office. We advise parents to mark children's belongings with their names. All lost and found items not claimed at winter break and at the end of the school year will be donated.