General Reference

Walter Hays Online Library Catalog and Databases - Walter Hays' portal to PAUSD library catalog

LibGuides - PAUSD curriculum resources

Palo Alto City Library Online Catalog and Databases - portal to Palo Alto's public library catalog  

The Kidalog - Walter Hays Library's list of fiction titles for finding the perfect book

International Children'a Digital Library - A digital library of outstanding children's books from around the world

Ask an Expert: Experts, Astronomers to Dog Trainers, answer your questions

NEO K12 Kids learn best by 'seeing' the real world - free online educational videos, quizzes, games and puzzles


Student Games - Everyday Math Online

Math Worksheet Generator - Use the Math Worksheet Generator to create practice worksheets for home use. - 

Ask Dr Math for help with your math questions.

MathStories - math problem solving and critical-thinking skills with over 15,000 interactive and non-interactive word problems.  Ask your teacher for logon and password.


 PAUSD Science On-Line Guide: Great Internet Resources for each unit.

 Mad Scientist Network: Answers, Activities, Archived information, Ask questions, Science at your Fingertips.


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